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Part 63: Song

Nikki had been acting a lot different recently.

Video- “Nikki 5”

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I think there were a lot of people angry at her, though I’m not totally sure what their deal was.

Hassan: Stop sighing. It’s so annoying. If Nikki’s happy, we should be, too.
Tom: I know I guess… But she doesn’t have to show it off like that…
Chaos: True. She had us all hyped up for her, and then she gives us that attitude…
Tom: *siggghhh *
Hassan: I said, stop it with the sighs. You’re making me depressed.
Lillian: What do you think about her recent attitude and stuff?
Colina: Honestly, it’s so not funny.
Hilda: She flirts with everyone’s guy, and as soon as she found her favorite, this.
Colina: The nerve of that girl!
Lillian: We have to tell her straight to her face…
Oh? You guys were still here?
Everyone: ……
What’s wrong? You all look kinda gloomy.
Lillian: Hmph. Perfect timing. We were talking about you.
Colina: You know, recently you’re getting a little carried away, don’t you think?
Hilda: After you caused us all that trouble, too.
Lillian: Seriously, you just piss me off.

Lillian: What? You guys were complaining about it, too.
Colina: This girl will never understand until you flat out tell her.

Nikki ran away crying, which was about where I got into this story.

Shouldn’t you go after her?
Y-yeah, I guess.

She was back at the workshop in a ball.

Oh Vayne, yeah, she’s here. But she’s been like that ever since…
Nikki… What happened?
If there’s anything we can do to help…
Yeah, non-energetic Nikki isn’t even Nikki at all.
Vayne, everyone… Waahhhhhhh!

We got her a bit calmed down and she explained the situation.

What should I do? Everyone hates me…
Though, I do understand their side as well.
So Nikki, what do you want to do?
Huh? Me?
It’s almost graduation. If you can bear it, there’d be no problem.
This is true, but that just sounds so sad.
Flay, you devil! You cold-blooded monster.
Don’t make it sound so bad. I was just suggesting it as one of her options.
I don’t… want that…
We’re going to graduate… And say our farewells… So I want to apologize!
Great! That’s the man I saw in you!
Who’re you calling a man? But… What can I do for them to forgive me…
Let’s see… Hmm…
It sounds worse and more complicated then before.
You’re thinking too hard. She really only needs one weapon.
Nikki’s weapon? A hammer? Just kidding…

Flay does actually have good ideas, sometimes, if you ignore the details.

Indeed. You still have your songs on your side!
But, I’m always singing songs. What difference would it make now?
Not just any song. But a soulful new release with all your current feelings!
A new song… Huh…
That actually might work. Depending on the quality of the song, of course.
I’m sure there will be many people who would like to listen. Good idea.
You’re the man now, Flay!
Hah hah hah! That’s right. Now that it’s decided, Nikki, work on your song!
You can leave the rest of the preparation to us. There’s work to be done.
This kind of thing makes him so energetic?
I will go check on him. Who knows what he’s really up to.
We’ll help too, Nikki!
Okay. Thanks everyone!
I’m looking forward to your new song.
Vayne! Don’t lag behind! We need your help, too!
I’m coming.

We needed some simple stuff to help fix up the stage, just raw materials. Meanwhile Nikki was working on her song.

Ooh, you completed it?
Yup! It’s perfect! …I think. Maybe, possibly.
We’re done with the preparations as well.
Now we just need to get everyone to listen.
My heart’s really pounding…
It’s too early to be nervous. You still have a show to run.
Yeah… Thanks everyone, really.
Don’t worry about it.
It felt like prepping for a talent show! It was so much fun.
I will take my reward later.
You didn’t even do anything!
Now for the final set-up and to announce it to all the students.
Everyone: Yeahhh!

Unfortunately, we didn’t realize how far things had gone.

Hassan: I kinda want to, but kinda don’t…
Chaos: Isn’t it like, a little too late for that?
Lillian: Did you hear? That girl.
Colina: Yeah. A concert…? What is she thinking. Hasn’t she learned her lesson?
Hilda: Stupid girl. Does she really think people will actually come?

Not many people showed up.

Yes… I didn’t think it would be this bad…
Lack of foresight on our part.
That’s not it! It starts now, we’re only beginning.
Y-yeah, right. Everyone will come at the last minute.
Sorry… I know you all worked so hard for me...
Ohhh! Don’t be so mopey before we even start! It brings the mood down!
Don’t yell at us.
Can’t you be a little nicer? At least at a time like this.
No, it’s okay. Flaya didn’t do anything wrong.
…Flaya, remember how you said I just needed to make the song and sing it?
Even though it’s only a few, they came. So I have to sing for them.
Nikki, I’m sorry…
Oh, don’t apologize. I was really happy that everyone cheered me on…
Well, I’m gonna go now!

Flay and I were both unhappy with how things were going, though, and he had a solution.

Vayne, frustrated yet?
I see, me too. I told her to leave everything else to me, and this happened.
I feel miserable.
If I must, I’ll force everyone on campus to hear her! Whatever it takes!
Do you know a way?
We can use this… Flay’s Secret Item #13! I call it the Attention Bringer!
Another strange gadget…
I might as well ask. What kind of item is this?
Its use is quite simple. It can send sound to a far away location.
Which means, we can make our target audience hear the music from here.
By target audience, you mean, you’re gonna give these out to everyone?
That’s impossible…
Use your brain. We just need to set one up in the Broadcasting Room.
Oh, I see.
Flay, you’re so smart today.
Yes, well… Now move on to take over the Broadcasting Room!
Take over!?

It was a sort of extreme measure, but there wasn’t much else to do.

But, this is just too…
Let’s do it.
There’s no other way… We have to do this for Nikki.
Hmph, I knew you would come through!
I’ve already stepped into the mess… I’m with you.
You really only come up with stupid things…
I’m getting a little excited!
It’s decided then. Begin operation now! Our target, the Broadcasting Room!
Yes sir!
Thank you for coming. And I’m sorry for everything I’ve done to you guys…
For that, I’ll sing my very best today.

We rushed down to the broadcasting room to try and beat her singing.

Well, the Broadcasting Room is a rather important place, I guess.
Damn it! Those dogs of this school.
Let’s explain to them our situation and ask if we can use the room.
What leisurely talk did you want? I said, we have no time.
Flay, are you…
Forceful entry of course! Soldiers, charge!
Watch: Wha-who the hell!?

We ended up having to beat up the guards.

Gr, he’s called for reinforcements.
Wh-what are we going to do now? At this rate…
We will stay here and counter them! Vayne, go inside. Hurry!
Y-yes sir!

We managed to get things in place just in time. Her new song was quite good, by the way.

Hassan: Is this Nikki’s song?
Lillian: She’s still at it? Using the broadcast!?
Colina: But…it sounds pretty good.
Tom: I wonder if she’s singing at the usual place…
Lillian: Hey, you guys! Where do you think you’re going?
Hassan: Well um… The bathroom. Gotta, you know?
Tom: Oh, what a coincidence. I was just about to go, too.
Hassan: Oh yeah? Then we’ll go together!
Lillian: Talk about…you know.
Colina: ……
Lillian: Hmph!

The Vice Principal wasn’t amused with what we’d done, but she eventually understood.

It’s for the greater good. Close your eyes to these necessary sacrifices.
What kind of nonsense are you talking now!?
You know… You are-…
Ooh, Nikki’s song!
Looks like it went well.
…To play this song?
Satisfied now?
…Each of you will turn in an apology essay. I’ll let you off with that.
Vice Principal…
Now, hurry and go see her.
Thank you very much!

And it had the desired effect.

Everyone… Thank… Hweh…wahhh…
Ah, we made her cry…
This isn’t her last concert. So hasty…
Now I think she’ll have even more fans.
And our lives will be in danger once again…

Oh, um, and Nikki came up and wanted to talk to me a few days after we did that.

Oh, Nikki, are you headed to the workshop?
Yeah. …Thanks for the other day.
You’re welcome. How is everyone now?
No need to worry. They said they’ll all cheer for me.
Hehehe. So, my hometown is a really nice place. There’s a lot of nature…
And everyone’s nice, but it’s a little inconvenient compared to the city.
It’s almost graduation, so I’ll be able to see my dad and stuff, too…
That sounds nice… I’d like to go there once.
Really? You said it. You so just said it.
Huh? Well, yeah… I did.
Alright, then when we graduate, let’s go back together!
Not just once, I mean… You can even stay there forever!
Forever…? Th-that’s really long!
You promised! You have to! Yayyy!
Nikki… What should I… Well, I guess it’s fine.

I guess it could be worse, I could be marrying Muppy or something.