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by Feinne

Part 65: The Sixth Sense

Pamela’s been acting even weirder than usual since we made her stop poisoning people.

Video- “Pamela 5”

Watch the Ghost with the Most!

Which all sort of culminated today. I was sitting around in the grounds when it happened.

Sure is… But is it okay for you to be ditching like this.
Not really… But it’s been so hectic lately.
Well, I guess once in a while isn’t bad… Hey, something’s falling.

Pamela jumped off of something! Or, you know, whatever ghosts do for jumping.

Oowww… I hit my butt…
Are you alright? Where did you come falling from?
*gasp * Vayne!? …You saw it.
Well, yeah, but… What were you doing?
Nothing! It’s a secret.
There she goes… What was that…?
I smell trouble.
Wha!? Since when were you standing there…?
Pamela’s hiding a secret. We need to investigate!
Maybe we should leave it alone… We always meddle in things and get hurt…
Come on, chum! First, we must gather all the info we can get our hands on!
*sigh * I guess it’s no use trying to stop him.

I was reluctant to let Flay involve himself but have you ever tried to stop him? It’s impossible. We asked around and surprisingly Mr. Zeppel actually knew something.

Sounds like you might know something, mere teacherling.
Thought it may not seem like it, I know what my students are up to.
So, what was Pamela trying to do?
Well, it seems… She’s trying to escape from the school.
Oh hoh, escape!
Well, it’s probably not going to happen, so it’s not a big problem yet.
I wonder why? Escape…?
Well I tried to ask her why, but she always runs away…
Don’t worry. I don’t expect much out of you.
Well, it seems the only way to do this is to ask her in person.
I think so, too. Let’s go find her.

Pamela was on the roof near the workshops, but she really didn’t want to talk to us.

Ahh! Vayne? And Flay?
Drop your weapons in 15 seconds!
Uh, we’re not here to catch you or anything. We just wanted to ask you…
There’s nothing I want to talk to you about.
Ha, I knew it! The villains always run away! After her, boy!

In the heat of the moment Flay’s plans always seem like better ideas, so we chased after her.

Hold it! You should know when to give up!
Why do you not want to tell us so badly?
Help me! Gentlemen of ill repute!
You haven’t even seen my repute!
Flay, wait…
Cornelia: Eww, ill reputers…
Jordan: Hey, it’s those guys from the rumor…
Billy: For them, it’s all about survival of the illest repute.
Do they even know what they’re talking about?
They have a better idea than me. Retreat!
Y-yes sir!

Flay had a solution, I understand he got it from some weird town with a zombie problem.

Damn that Pamela! She won’t get away with this.
Cancel the pursuit. Our only other option is to lure her in!
Do you have a plan?
Heh heh heh… Tadah! Flay’s Secret Item #21! Ghost Catcher Glue!
Not just any glue. As the name suggests, it can catch ghosts!
It’s great stuff. It only sticks to ghosts.
…Where do you get these wonderful toys?
That’s confidential. Now, we set this up and wait!
I get the setting up part but how are we going to lure her in?
Hmm, that’s a good point. Something that Pamela likes…
If we leave a stuffed animal there, maybe she’ll get caught on her own.
Isn’t that insulting…?
If it doesn’t work, we’ll think of another way. Now, you go get a stuffed doll!

I made something that fit the bill, and we set it up in the Resource Center.

Perfect. Now we just hide and wait.
I wonder if this will really work…
She really came! And fast too!
Hahaa! Just as I planned!

And just as he planned, Pamela was quickly tangled in the ghost glue.

Ahh! What is this!?
Gotcha, Pamela!
Flay, you did this? How horrible!
Sorry Pamela. I think we went too far…
Oh ew, my hair… Ungh! I’m so gonna haunt you!
Flay, let her out of it.
Alright, as long as you don’t run away from us again.
You guys are so mean.
I’m sorry… Whenever Flay gets involved, things just get complicated…
You left me no other choice.
Why can’t you just leave me alone?
I’m just worried… If you’re in trouble, I want to help you.
Boo… Do I really have to tell you?
After doing all this, it’s strange to say this, but I won’t force you to…

I was surprised at what she told us.

…That’s it?
What do you mean, that’s it!? I’m serious here.
I was anticipating a grander mystery.
I finally made friends, but you’re all gonna graduate. I’ll be so sad.
I see…
You’ve been a ghost for how many centuries and you finally want to get out.

Just then the Principal arrived.

How long have you been there!?
Since a while ago. I was listening to the entire conversation.
I didn’t notice…but, you do have the least presence here at this school.
Pamela, I’m really sorry, but… It’s impossible for you to leave here.
Why is that?
Of course, it’s not hard to let you out into the outside world. But…
You guys. Have you ever seen a ghost before you came to this school?
Not that I can remember…
Me neither. But on this campus, we can see Pamela very normally.
So, in other words…
Right. This campus is within a barrier, which allows Pamela to exist.
Though, I have no proof that she will disappear once she’s outside…
But, that’s…
Ehn… *whimper * *sob *
Pamela! Wait!
Couldn’t you say it in a nicer way?
I thought I could give her a little hope… But I guess it didn’t work.
Seriously. How did you become Supreme Ruler anyway?

I rushed after Pamela and managed to catch up with her.

Um… Pamela…
I knew it. I was just born under an unlucky star. A tragic, beautiful ghost…
…Are you really sad?
Of course I am! What’s wrong with you!?
I’m sorry…
I can never escape from this place…
Forever pretty, I am destined to live as the campus idol…
I still doubt that you’re sad…
Did you say something?
No, nothing… but I don’t think the Principal said it to be mean…
But, but… *sigh * I wish I never became a ghost to begin with…
Don’t say that. Even though you’re a ghost, I’m glad I met you.
Yes, really.

I need to stop being such a sucker for those tears.

No, I’ll never forget.
…It’s okay, don’t force yourself.
Even when you become an old man, I will stay a young and pretty ghost.
By then your grandchild will come to this school, knowing nothing of me.
You’re bringing yourself down… Okay fine, I’ll free you from this place!
I can’t do it now, but I’ll study and research… I’ll find a way, for you.
You said it. I heard it. You promised. Now you have to. Yaaay!
Huh… Uhh, were you fake crying again…?
Hehehe, I’m so happy! You’re gonna free me! Doot doo doo doot!
*sigh * But I’m glad. She’s energetic again.
If you lied, I’ll haunt you for generations.
…That’s not good. I’ll work hard so that it won’t have to happen.