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by Feinne

Part 67: Aurelius, Vayne Aurelius

Things have been pretty boring lately.

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What with how peaceful the campus has been.

*siighh *
*siiiigghhh *
Vayne, you sigh a lot.
Seriously, what is going on? You’re bringing the whole workshop down!
Huh…? Oh, sorry. It’s just, I feel like there’s a hole in my heart…
A hole in your… You mean, someone broke your heart!?
This is Vayne we’re talking about here. That’s impossible.
Haha, I guess that’s true.
That’s pretty mean…
*sigh * I don’t know. Such a peaceful school life, but this boredom…

Just then, Anna came in with a weird note someone had handed her.

Good morning, Anna.
Vayne, someone told me to give this letter to you.
A letter?
Oh, oh, who’s it from? A girl?
This is Vayne we’re talking about here. That’s impossible.
It was from a guy. I don’t think I’ve ever met him before.
Aww, how boring.
I wonder, a letter…? Let’s see…
Letter: Your partner has fallen to our syndicate. At sunset, he will be executed.
If you wish to help him, come to the depths of the Old Schoolhouse, alone.
From, the Secret Evil Order (Hiring Names). For Sir Hero Guy #2.
Th-this is…!
What’s wrong?
Uhhhhh. Nothing, nothing at all…
(Oh no… Flay got kidnapped?)
(…I need to go. Because, …I am a hero go!)

I rushed out to the Old Schoolhouse.

Have fun…
What was up with the panic in his eyes?
Could it be, an invitation to a date, perhaps…
This is Vayne we’re talking about here. That’s impossible.
Watch closely. He is a true fighting man…
You make no sense, ever.
I don’t quite understand, but I’m sure he’ll be back when he’s hungry.
That’s true.

The evil syndicate were waiting.

???: Heh heh heh. I won’t let you do that.
Who’s there!?
I’m surrounded…
Evil Member A: What an idiot, coming out here all alone.
What do you mean?
Evil Member A: That man was merely bait to drag you out.
Evil Member B: Don’t worry. When we’re done with you, he’ll follow you soon after!
I won’t let you do that!

I smashed aside their first assault.

So many people… The Secret Evil Order (Hiring Names), tough guys…

As I pushed in, they sent more elite forces at me.

You guys are…
Evil Four B: We are, the Secret Evil Order, Top Four!
Evil Four C: None have fought all four of us at once and lived!
Evil Four D: Take this! X-Attack!
This attack is…!?
Evil Four A: Hahaha, how’s that? Can’t evade it, can you!
Evil Four B: Suffer and die!
It looks flashy, but… It doesn’t hurt much?
Evil Four A: What!?
Evil Four B: You figured out the weakness of this attack in an instant…
Evil Four C: You’re no ordinary guy!
It wasn’t that hard to figure it out…
Evil Four D: Fine, we’ll do this fair and square!
Evil Four A: Head on battle!!

The Four Kings weren’t that much stronger than the guys who’d attacked me earlier.

Evil Four C: But don’t think you won yet…
Evil Four D: Though you may have beaten us, there will be more to replace us!
Top Four, huh? Ah, I can’t stop to think. I need to hurry!

I found someone who seemed to be in charge farther in, even as that mysterious voice continued to taunt me.

Grh, another enemy…
Evil Commander: I am the Evil Commander. You are not allowed beyond this point.
Back off. I’m here to rescue Flay…
Evil Commander: I can easily destroy you. But that’d be a waste of your skills…
…What are you trying to say?
Evil Commander: I propose we team up. I’ll give you half the school.
Half…the school?
Evil Commander: Indeed. Not bad, is it?
If I do, what happens to Flay?
Evil Commander: Sacrifices must be made. But you get the school. It’s a good deal.
I refuse.
Evil Commander: Huh?
I came here to rescue Flay. I don’t want half this school!
Evil Commander: …Won’t you even weigh the pros and cons? Then you shall die here!

The commander and his minions were tougher, but I managed to defeat them.

After so many battles, I was getting tired. Still, I couldn’t let anything stop me.

???: Hmph… You came.
Who’s that!?
???: I praise you for making it this far, but you’re covered in scars…
There’s still so many… Where is Flay!?
???: Right up ahead. But knowing that won’t change the fact that you’re—
Get out of my way!
Evil Member A: Nrh… Wh-what the? What is this aura…?
Evil Member B: From a heavily injured guy…
Evil Member A: Hey… Go on.
Evil Member B: N-no way! You go!
Evil Member A: D-don’t come any closer!
Evil Member B: Whaaa… R-run away!
*pant * *pant * Flay…
???: Huh? You scattered them with just your spirit…
Huh…? That voice…?

It was then that I realized the truth, and pushed on to confirm it.

What’s wrong, Vayne?
You were kidnapped, so why are you here?
Don’t make me spell it out for you. Shouldn’t you realize?
No way, no… The guy behind all this was…
Indeed… But you’ve come far too late!

And ended up in a duel with Flay.

What meaning do words hold in a situation like this?
If you want to ask me something, ask my body!

By the way, I didn’t even realize this thing that happened next happened in the real world.

Well done… You fought well against me in that condition… But!
No… I beat you… How is your fighting power still rising…!?
Carve this into your soul… This is, my true power!
No… I’m done for…

Flay was waiting there when I came to.

You awake now?
Flay…? Ow ow ow.
A hero must never let his guard down until the very end.
If the opponent is strong, it’s even more important.
…So, can you explain what that was all about?
Just as I said earlier. I’m responsible for the entire scenario…
I wanna know the reason!
Vayne, you said that a peaceful world needs no heroes…
So, how do you make sure a hero is always needed?
You also said that evil syndicates are cool and necessary.
Flay… You…
Indeed. You can be the hero! I will handle the Evil Order!
W-wait a minute!

I didn’t really ‘get’ Flay until today.

Then, the guys who attacked me earlier were…
I mean, that’s not the point. You’re okay with this?
I thought you wanted to be the Defender of Justice.
Being a hero is only the means, not the goal. It’s how much fun I can have!
That’s so generic… What’ll you do if I don’t become the hero?
Then my organization will conquer the world.
And you will watch, as you suck on your thumb.
Hahaa! Once I graduate, my Evil Order will begin operations immediately.
If you wish to stop me, you better be serious! Fwaaahahahahaha…
He’s already mastered the way to disappear like a villain… He’s serious.
This is kinda excit—Oh no! If I deal with him, I’ll never be…
But… It might be fun… No! That’s not what I was thinking! It’s not, but…
Ahhhhh! What am I supposed to doooooooooooooo!!

But if he’s going to be a villain, I’ve got to stop him.