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Manhunter: New York & San Fransisco

by GuavaMoment

Part 10: Tracker info, Greenwood Cemetary to Abdul's Pawn Shop

I'm now trying to follow the third suspect involved in the theft of an Orb robot. The first two suspects turned up dead, without the robot. The third suspect must therefore have the robot in their possession.

The suspect left the main group and headed to the looted and empty Natural history museum.

The front doors are locked, just as I suspected.

As are the side doors. But I did pick up a key from Anna and Harvey's apartment...


Wow, I knew the building was empty, but it's actually really really empty.

The suspect took the route indicated by the line on this map, going up stairs where the line changes color. There are a number of doors in the way however, and they need a keycard to open.

Luckily I have thirteen of them! It's a good thing I grabbed that last keycard out of Anna's purse when she smacked me with it.

I got all the way to the fourth floor, but this door is now blocking me. I don't have any keycards left, but I suppose I could just use my newfound crowbar to bash in the door.

I hate heavy physical labor. It gets really hot in these cloaks, and they get smelly by the end of the day. I've got to try to keep my mind off of it, go to the "happy place" in my mind.

Ooh! I know!

My favorite fantasy - the one where I'm abducted and raped by a dinosaur...

You've never looked so good. Next time - do something!

It sure would be nice if that imaginary dinosaur could help me out. Maybe if it was an imaginary dinosaur Resistance member, it would help. I'd show it my medallion and we'd be best of friends.

Can you help me with the door, imaginary dinosaur friend?

Thank you very much!

Hey look! The door's open! I guess fantasizing really took my mind off the task of crowbarring the door down. I don't even remember doing it!

I think I can hear sounds coming from down the hall.

An explosion!

Wait, the orb told me that these robots would explode if tampered with. That must have been what I just saw. But then that means...

Suspect number 3, now deceased.

He's holding something - an orb data module. He must have taken it from the robot before it exploded. Or doing that caused it to explode. If this guy risked his life for this module, I'd better keep it safe.

That's a strange tattoo on his arm...

The only other clue I can find here is a picture on the wall.

This is certainly crudely drawn.

Well, I guess I'd better report in that I've found the robot and all three suspects.

I don't know the third suspect's name though.

My orb superiors should be a little happier with me today. I accomplished a lot more on this case than I did yesterday. I hope tomorrow I can .....*yawn*....oh, I hope tomorrow I can keep up the good work.


Oh, I'm so sleepy...I don't think I can stay...