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Manhunter: New York & San Fransisco

by GuavaMoment

Part 11: Underground to the Empire State Building

Another day, another horrible awakening by an Orb. And I was having such a good dream!

A dead Orb has been found in a cemetery. I really need to investigate this? Seems like an obvious place for a dead Orb.

Unlike the previous days, the trail I have to follow is pretty simple.

I'll start in the cemetery. The suspect left the cemetery and headed... Times Square, stopping in this room here.

Then finally to Abdul's pawn shop - and the suspect is with Phil, the untrackable murderer!

The trail goes cold very quickly. I'd guess they somehow headed underground. If I'm fast, I might be able to catch up to this Phil and the suspect.

Here's the cemetery. Now where's that dead Orb...


That's rather violent! Looking at the tombstone I see the inscription reads "Tim Jones - He died for his father". I think I can assume that the suspect who killed this Orb is the father of Tim and a member of the Resistance. But if that's the case, then Mr. Jones is in great danger since I last saw him with Phil. Phil's been killing Resistance members.

I tried putting the names on these tombstones into the MAD computer, but it told me "No one by that name in the city". The dead are removed from the database once discovered. There were far too many people with the last name Jones to follow up on, so it's time to move to the next location.

On my way to Times Square, I stopped back at Trinity Church. Remember the tattoo on the third suspect yesterday?

[*][ ][ ][ ][ ] [ ][ ][*][ ][ ] [ ][ ][ ][*][ ]
It's a combination! Two days ago the suspect must have gone here, lit the appropriate candles for some purpose. I'll do the same.

That's it!

I've found another module! That makes two. What is so important about these modules to gather such interest from the Resistance?

I have a feeling that those two symbols on the inside of the panel mean something. I'll try to remember those. But now, I should go to Times Square.

The theater has been closed for a long time, I'd guess that someone is simply living here now.

The suspect did something in this next room.

There was something they did in the corner over here...

Well that was simple!

This isn't going to be so simple. I don't have the code. The pawn shop is the last place I have to check out, I think I'll head there rather than waste time trying to pry this safe open.


Here's the shop owner - and what is obviously a hatch to head underground.

As I approach, he shows me something.

It's a board full of badges. Being New York, I know exactly what would happen if I took the swastika badge from this Jewish fellow.

You'll never succeed if you keep losing your head like that!

The correct badges to take are the two that were shown on the inside of the panel in Trinity Church.

Oh, and there was a cross on the front of that panel.

Hey, what's he doing now?