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Manhunter: New York & San Fransisco

by GuavaMoment

Part 12: INTERMISSION - An intellectual discussion on the finer points of adventure gaming.


I knew that was a trap door, so why did it take me by such surprise?

Where am I? This hallway has only one way out. There's a plaque above the door.

A puzzle, eh? Let's look at that picture then.

Is it really this easy? The answer's fourteen. Simple.

The clues are in the picture.

Ow, again. Let me just put that boulder back into place and try again.

OH! It was upside-down. The answer's forty-one.

Another puzzle...

I don't see any numbers here. Is there anything special about Halloween that I could use?


I know! October Thirty-first: One zero three one!

The next room is similar.

I guess the top arrow means one less than three, the next line means three plus three, and the bottom line one more than three? Two six four.

Next room.


The three dead branches have four, two and five twigs on them. Maybe that's it?

That's it! Good thing I somehow knew exactly how many numbers each picture required. This puzzle would have been really hard without knowing that! I think that's the last door!

Jesus tap dancing Christ, how many more bodies am I going to stumble across in the near future.

The only identification on this body is the name "Harry" on his lapel. If my previous assumption is correct, this man is Harry Jones, father of Tim Jones.

My MAD computer can't work underground for the same reasons the tracking chips won't, so I'll need to find a way to get to the surface.

If this is Harry, it looks like he's been in the sun too much. His skin looks burned and...warm. He's still warm! That means the killer, Phil, must be very nearby!

Phil! Time to throw down, you murdering, eyeball-loving freak!

Take that! And that! And that!

Watch his knife hand

And ow! This is no time to be lying down, I have to stop him!

I did it!

Hey what's this he dropped?

Another code...perhaps to a safe? The one in the Times Square Theater? I'd better go up that ladder and find my way there. Phil's probably run away to lick his wounds; no point in chasing him.

I've exited the underground area right in front of the Empire State Building - I'll bet that's where Phil's gone. The Orbs have been using Empire State Building for some purpose. Whatever that purpose is, maybe it has something to do with Phil. I'll come back here in a bit. First, I've got to confirm the ID of that body.

Yup, Harry Jones, and I have his home address now. I could report to the Orbs that my mission is a success, but I have some loose ends I want to tie up first. I think I'll make the trip to the Theater now.

Input the code that Phil dropped.

A piece of paper?

And another code! Hoo boy. I've got to be getting closer to figuring out what is going on with the Resistance and with Phil.

Harry's apartment.

Nothing here looks out of the ordinary, but it does seem familiar. Wait!

The diagram I found in the Natural History Museum is a map of Harry's apartment. It's pointing to the stereo on his desk.

I hit all the buttons, but it's just a normal stereo. Maybe I could carefully take it apart and look for anything out of the ordinary.

However I don't have a screwdriver, so I'll just break it with my crowbar.

A third module! The devices that the Resistance members have apparently been dying for. I'm sure that once I head to the Empire State Building I'll discover the meaning behind these modules. And what the deal is with Phil and the Resistance. And the Orbs, for that matter!

Assuming I can remember the address...