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Manhunter: New York & San Fransisco

by GuavaMoment

Part 14: The final update

Hey look, I found Phil Cook's computer through a means that totally makes sense! It wants a password, but I think I found it. The paper in the safe at Times Square had the code UCUCC on it.

Continue. Yes, I'm over 18. Yes, I wish to view this website. Yes, click, click...

There are four main indexes on this computer. I should start with Alpha.

Since I don't know what Alpha is, let's check on Operations.

Food source? I guess Alpha is some kind of food processing plant for the Orbs. But what would they be harvesting in North Brooklyn? The only thing that's living there is

Oh no

Oh God

A few more clicks confirmed it. The entire Orb food source is located at Bellevue Hospital. If I could do something to shut down the operations here, I could both starve the Orbs and prevent the deaths of anymore..."food".

Let's see. In Security I can screw around with the defense settings. I'll bet that 'Special Security' means the room that the Resistance blew a hole in. I'll set that to hall patrol.

And we'll change Orb Protection to room security.

Wait, that may not be a good idea. With an Orb and a robot in different locations, I've doubled the chance that I'll get seen if I try to infiltrate the hospital. Change it back to Orb Protection.

Onto Beta.

Hmm, Beta appears to be where the Orbs are storing all their ships.

They came in huge numbers, but I haven't seen a ship flying around in over a year. Looks like the ships are almost all operational, just simply not being used.

External repair complete? Could that mean...yes! The Resistance broke into Grand Central Terminal, and I saw a repair robot fixing it. The note I saw in the Vend-O-Deli said "We saw the mother". This is the location of the Orb fleet!

And this here. Looks like one of the Orb ships is loaded with a high explosive payload. This must be what the Resistance was investigating! They were trying to capture or gather information about this Orb bomber!

I wonder what Gamma site is?

Heh, "Air Quality". Ever since they took over the Orbs have been modifying the atmosphere to assist in their breathing. The Orbs have even put a chemical in the air to make humans more docile and controllable. That's why the sky is red now.

Looks like there's only one atmosphere modifying location. The Statue of Liberty.

There's a guard robot in front of the statue, but I can set it to Air Defense. That way someone can enter the Statue, and maybe find a way to shut it down.

There. With the focus on airborne assault, a stealthy ground approach could be successful.

Only Delta remains.

I guess I could check the transmitter.

That's good, I suppose.

I'm thinking that this Delta site must be some kind of Orb master computer. But where is it located?

I could try using the signal tracker, and turning the transmitter on.

That's it! The Orb's main computer is here, in The Empire State Building!

I could try accessing security again?

Nothing here.

Nor here. And in the last room...

Don't you wish your computer had a security system like that?

Ow! Hmfph. I keep getting myself into horrible situations. If only there was a way I could attempt things and then undo them later.

That's it! I could save and load my life! Thanks for the help, out-of-context programmer people!

I'll have to wait to try and shut down the four main Orb locations tomorrow. I'm being called home.

Thanks to me following around the Resistance for the last few days I think I've uncovered their master plans. Even though they were all killed by Phil, I think I could be able to finish the work they started. Tomorrow, if I'm lucky I might find a way to actual defeat the Orbs by stopping these four sites.

But then I'd make myself a huge target for both the Orbs and Phil...