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Manhunter: New York & San Fransisco

by GuavaMoment

Part 15: Starting off and squatting in a million dollar house.

Today is the day. The last time I'll be rudely awaken by a giant floating eyeball. I'm not going to investigate something as routine as a computer break in, I have bigger more important things to do.

Chicago? Reno Davis was "transferred to Chicago" and I instead found his body in Bellevue Hospital. This is not good. Do the Orbs suspect me of wrong doing? But how could they have found out?


I might as well trace the signal of the illegal computer access.

There's nothing more fun than a time wasting game to tag the correct signal!

Good, I tagged the right one. Let's see where it leads.

It leads to a computer inside the Empire State Building! That target I'm tracking...

...leaves the building...

And heads here. I've been assigned to track down myself! This is both a stroke of luck and a huge worry. Lucky because if any other Manhunter was assigned this case I'd be in trouble. Worrying because it means that my activities are catching up to me. I'll have to move fast before the Orbs figure things out. To Bellevue Hospital!

Looks like the security robot is indeed gone from here.

Good so far, there's nothing in the hallway.

Oh crap!

What do I do? Run away? Stand here like a ninny until a security robot shows up?


Oh no oh no oh no....

No use - it's faster than me!

The robot locked me in here.

Charming place. I can climb up the pile of bodies to that grate.

The crowbar can take care of this grate easily.

I think I'm going to be sick. But I can't stop watching...

...and that's a good thing. Bodies stopped coming into the room, and then the Orb left. Luckily I set the guard to Orb Protection, because if I didn't, it wouldn't have left with the Orb. Right now, there's nothing left in the room to catch me.

A fourth module inside this machine.

And I can use this handle to reactivate the machine to find out where the bodies are coming from. And maybe find a way out of here...

Up we go!

Wait, something's wrong.

Luckily I have at my disposal the "save/load" function those guys told me about. Thanks guys!

I think I can climb these cables and avoid these electric sparks. It's a bit of a round-about way, but I can probably get to that window. Lucky for me I have...

SAVE AND LOAD! Greatest feature ever.

Made it! Now to open the window and carefully climb down.

Or I could just jump.

Five story falls have nothing on me!

I don't think I can risk going back into the Hospital. I'll go to the subway station now and check out the Orb fleet.

Doors are still locked.

And this is where the Resistance broke in earlier. Crowbar to the rescue again.


I've got my own Orb ship! It's not powered up. I see four slots...

That's it! The modules that I've been collecting, that the Resistance have been trying to gather, they're control modules for an Orb ship!

That's all of them.

This must be the power button.

This is going to be awesome! Stealing an Orb ship! Hey, what's that alarm?

How do I turn that off?

SHIT! Close hatch! Close hatch!

Save/load, let's try this button.

Suck it, robots.

I think this is the weapon payload button. I think I've armed the four bombs this ship is equipped with.

The bottom right button opens the hanger door.

And the bottom left button is take off!

Wow, this is an inconvenient way for the Orbs to launch their ships. It's not at all annoying how when I hit a wall I bounce back the same way I came instead of bouncing around like a billiard ball. You know, in a way that obeys conservation of momentum. Neither is it annoying how the ship barely responds to my commands. No sir-ee, not annoying at all.

You know, stealing this ship has almost been too easy...

...that button's the radio, and this central one looks like a map.

That's it! I have the means to destroy the Orbs at my fingertips! All I have to do is destroy the four Orb targets - Bellevue Hospital, Grand Central Terminal, The Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty.

Bellevue Hospital - bombs away!

No more "food harvesting" from you guys! But I wonder what that other Orb ship is doing here.

Phil! He's damaged my ship, but luckily it has an excellent self-repair function.

And he can't stop me from bombing the Orb fleet into dust!

There! That looks like it's destroyed the entire Orb fleet quite effectively. I doubt anything could have survived THAT explosion.

Move over Empire State...

...Manhunter coming through.

One last target left! The Orbs are all but defeated if I can stop Lady Liberty from pumping out the chemicals poisoning our skies!

Wait, what?

No. What'd I do wrong?


an hour of replaying later...

Ha ha ha! Guard robots defending the statue from a ground attack! The fools!

Take THAT, tired and poor huddled masses! I've done it! I've saved New York! I'll bet Phil's not happy with that move!

It's finally over!


Oh crap, these guys running towards me aren't mad that I blew up half the city's monuments, are they?

NO! Let me go!

Oh wait! Ha ha, I am the greatest!

Absolutely nothing can stop us now!

Oh Phil you gigantic cocksucker. Those were my new friends! We have to end this. Once and for all.

I'm coming for you!

GET BACK HERE! I'll chase you to the ends of the Earth! Even all the way to San Francisco if I have to, you motherfucker!