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Manhunter: New York & San Fransisco

by GuavaMoment

Part 17: End of Day 1 to the start of Day 2

Hey, the Manbearpigmonkeymutantman typed out the name "Mic" into the table and said he went to his den. Was that body Mic Stone?

It also accepts Mick Stone.

Well it makes sense that he was an experiment volunteer - probably some kind of mutation experiment. But he has no address, so that doesn't help.

So I'll go to the pier, and down the ladder to the left.

I wonder if I can bypass that chainlink fence by going under the pier?

Shit. That won't work.

Let's try going into the pipe. A mutant was last seen in here, and it's the last place I have to explore.

And he gets eaten and his robe spit out.

Begin wandering around to see what I missed.

This girl has another dragon tattoo like the body outside the bank but that's it. Bat vomit on the door is weird...