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by GuavaMoment

Part 19: The second suspect

Past the Buddha statue is this staircase. There are five alcoves on each side.

Each has a bust, and a word engraved on it.

Remember the note I picked up in the bank? It said "Greetings fellow Dragons! The R3 is the L1 to R4". The third alcove on the right is "Castle". The first on the left is "Gateway". The fourth on the right is:

The castle is the gateway to Hell.

Oh fuck you, programmer people. Thanks for that useless puzzle.

I don't think the other alcoves are useful, except maybe this one. The note in my new house said "Rub jewel of Heaven", but I can't rub this jewel or do anything here. Thus, Manhunter heads upstairs. Let's see what horrible situations he can get himself into this time!

Hey cool, a dragon!

I wonder what will happen if I lean in really close to its mouth!

Why do I hear footsteps behind me?

Why do I hear LOTS of footsteps behind me?


Where is this ninja taking me?

He's taking us to stupid arcade sequence time! Fall in the acid and die!

OOOOooooOOOOoooooh God. Phew! Made it. This must be some kind of initiation ritual.

I'll follow the lead of this guy in front of me.

OW! Well, now I know where those dragon tattoos are coming from. This is gonna suck.

So, how bad does this suck? Please show me.

Well, that doesn't look so bad. Maybe I could try it myself.

In addition to his cool dragon scar, that guy also received a scroll! He left, so it's all me now.

*deep breath*

Okay, suck it in. I can do this. Focus, don't let the pain win. I must do this for some reason I haven't discovered yet. Here goes. Time to prove that I'm a man...

Well, I got the Manhunter killed again. Looks like I won't be joining the Dragons. What else can I do though?

I could try to steal a scroll, but something bad would probably happen.

What I can do however, is undeniably awesome. We need to wait around for something to happen, grab a scroll, then impersonate Leon S. Kennedy. Let's watch:"

Yeah, I got cut in half and THAT WASN'T GAME OVER. I really hope I don't fall apart right at the end of the game because of that. But we did steal a nifty scroll!

Go west? I hear life is peaceful there. There's only one last piece of business to do here at the temple. And that's wait around.

A ninja comes after me.

And kills me with a throwing star.

And I die.

I WOULD die, except I'm outside, and can press F3 to travel to a new location BEFORE I get the RIP message. So next update, Manhunter will be walking around with a throwing star in his head and his torso cut in half.

I don't know if this is stupid or awesome.