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Manhunter: New York & San Fransisco

by GuavaMoment

Part 2: Bellevue Hospital and Trinity Church

The Orbs told me that there was an explosion at Bellevue Hospital. The tracker showed the suspect heading here but not accomplishing much aside from blowing a hole in a wall.

After the invasion the Orbs used this building as some kind of headquarters. No one knows what exactly they do here, and the building is far removed from the world renowned hospital it once was. The main entrance closed to humans, but I don't need to go in there. The explosion came from the side of the building.

From the amount of damage I can tell that the bomb that was set was not intended to do structural damage - the suspect simply wanted entry into this room. Typical Orb procedure is to station a robot guard at crime scenes, meaning the robot can't tell me exactly what the suspect wanted in here.

But from the tracker info I know the suspect stood over this gurney for a moment. What was the suspect looking for?

What the hell? I've never seen anything like this! Are those baby Orbs? What are they doing to the body? Are they eating it, or were they born from it?

And for that matter, who is this unfortunate soul?

Reno Davis. I can get more information about this person from my MAD computer.

Confirmed, this is Reno Davis' body. He's a manhunter like me, but there's no cause of death. That's strange - the info for Reno Davis doesn't list him as being deceased yet. Normally the Orb update changes like this religiously. And why is his body here, when it says he's been transferred to Chicago? I'll have to take note of this discrepancy.

I don't think there are any more clues to be gathered here, so I should head to the next location the suspect was at - Trinity Church in southern Manhattan.

At first glance, nothing seems out of the ordinary.

From the tracker info I can see the suspect (again, the yellow square) stood in front of one of these rows of candles that are on either side of the church.

I don't see any clues here. I can use a match to light some candles, but that's completely normal. I guess I'll move to the next location the suspect went to.

This looks like a reputable establishment.