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Manhunter: New York & San Fransisco

by GuavaMoment

Part 20: The other suspects

I had a lot of fun in the Dragon Temple, but there were more people on the tracker to follow. Only Suspect 1 entered the Temple, so I should see what Suspect 2 is up to.

Suspect 2 leaves the dock with Suspect 1, and heads by himself to this shop. You can tell it's a shop by the name - "The Shop".

Suspect 2 meets up with Suspect 3, and they head off together.

The two of them head to the Transamerica Pyramid - the big pointy building dominating the landscape, and location of that bio-mass thing I saw earlier.

The two head inside. I think those "S" things are security robots.

Looks like they're stealing one! They dragged it outside!

Not just outside, but all the way across the city to this house!

They drop off the "S" and leave.

They split up again. Suspect 2 is the yellow square on the right; Suspect 3 is the target in the center. A new suspect, number 4, can be seen to the left meeting up with Suspect 3. The target on the top of the image is flickering and can't be tracked...It must be Phil!

Suspect 2 heads to his Laundromat. I picked up a laundry ticket from a corpse yesterday, so I can probably use it here.

Sounds good! I can follow suspects 3 and 4 later.

Off to the Shop!

: Yes, this finger will do just nicely! It's so grey and...dare I say tasty? I wonder if I should...

: Oh shit, a customer! Better enter unbreakable glare mode...

: Glares.

Manhunter: Points to the various signs.

: Glares.

Manhunter: Points to the 50 cent rubber chicken sign, jumps up and down while clapping his hands.

: Glares.

Manhunter: Thinks about heading to the next location.

: Glares.

That shopkeep was a jerk! Why wouldn't he let me do anything? Well, I'm here now. What that brown crap is I have NO idea. Maybe I'll find something on the inside.

It looks like Suspect 2 and 3 broke in here. There's a broken chain on the ground.


What the hell is going on here? There's a robot torturing this guy in front of me, and what appears like a crap moving operation in the back. But what's this on the wall...




I don't care that it's empty, I'm finding some ammo and blasting things ASAP!

And while I'm at it, I might as well do something about that guy being tortured.

Minigame time! Circle around to get the guy to escape, then leave yourself. Getting electrocuted isn't visually interesting.

Hey, where'd that guy go? Why do all my new friends leave me as soon as I meet them?

I'd head back in and save more people, but it looks like the robots fixed the door.

Next location is the doctor's house.

Oh great, more bodies.

DAMMIT PHIL! Now you're not content with just killing people, you have to cut off their arms too? I see an "S" on that one arm, I'll bet the other arm has something written on it too.

OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD how do I get off the trail of the dead?

Ew, a urine sample in that test tube.

Clearly for reasons I cannot begin to fathom, I think I should keep that sample.


Now to rob the dead.

N. Goring...didn't I read something about him in a previous newspaper?

Ah ha!

I've got an address! I'll check out his place after I'm done tracking everyone.

Finally the Laundromat, and to steal whatever clothing this ticket corresponds to.

Oh hell. I'll add this to the list of locations I'll need to come back to later. In the meantime, let's see what Phil and suspects 3 and 4 have been up to...