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Manhunter: New York & San Fransisco

by GuavaMoment


Suspect 3 heads to a Cable Car Barn, and then walks a strange path through those green blocks. They stop on the right side of the top right block.

A door or something opens in the bottom left. They head to a cable car and meet up with another "S" target.

I think I was wrong before when I thought the S targets were security robots. I instead think they're Orb slaves. The body I found earlier had an "S" tattoo on the arm, and the tracker showed that person coming from the Transamerica Building, where a lot of slaves were working on some kind of project.

Uh oh, Suspect 4 and Phil come in.

A fight.

Looks like Suspect 3 lost. Now to follow Suspect 4 and Phil.

They head back to the Doctor's house.

More fights. This confirms it, the "S" must mean slave, since that's where I found the bodies.

Phil leaves, and Suspect 4 heads off.

To this club. That's all the tracker info I have, time to move out!

Hey, the front doors aren't locked for once!

Oh, that's why. There's an electrified floor and security robots running around. I'll have to find another way in.

I'll just hop a ride in here!

Another horrible mini-game without a cool death animation. The first target is the pillar in the top right.

We flip this switch...

...and a path opens up. Manhunter makes his way through to the top cable car.

Wow, they really pack in the passengers tight on these cable cars. It looks like...




PHIL! Is this where you're dumping your victims? I mean the ones I haven't already found?

Another Dragon member. There's a note in his robe.

So I need to stop the Orbs from reaching "Life"? If I go to Hell, the slaves will show me Freedom? What does this mean?

Hey, what's this on the side of the car?

Oh, it's just recruitment posters, looks like the Orbs need more Manhunters in New York and London.

Nothing left in the cable car barn, off to the private club!

My apologies, "Privut Club". There must be mutants in there, no one spells that badly.

Knock knock! Let me in!

[i]We've exhausted all the new tracker options, so it's time to backtrack and solve puzzles in locations we've already been to. The most obvious is the muzzle we have in our inventory. It surely can be used to subdue the dog in Tad Timov's apartment.

There's only one item we can pick up, the camera.

Great! And the game doesn't rewind for you! Thanks for that, I was wondering where the "Screw you" puzzles were at!

There's a picture on the wall as well.

The bar symbols on the sides of the words look important...

One new place left - Noah Goring's house. We got his address from figuring out his name last update.

I see a delicious file, and something on the table to pick up.

Ghazk, any chance this address still works? Or am I twenty years too late?

Let's check out the view.

You can scroll over three things here. Coit Tower, the one spewing out the Orb Control/Atmosphere Modification gas, Alcatraz, and the building is called "Julius Castle". Remember when we learned "The Castle is the gateway to Hell?" Important info.

Finally files! Reading them in chronological order:

Next update - This is the point where I finally say FUCK IT and use a walkthrough! But I learned a lot of stuff I had completely wrong (like "S" means slave), and I should set it straight right now.

The first note talks about an operation below, and how humans are not up to the task. The orbs are digging deep underground for something we'll learn about soon. That's what the brown crap coming out of Transamerica is - dirt. Not biomass. It's a huge digging operation, and they're dumping the spoil out on the street.

The second note discusses failed previous experiments - mutants, but not the rat things we've seen a lot of this game. We did see something in the previous game though - the dinosaur out of nowhere. Those were the first mutants, though they still proved unfit for the Orb digging operation.

The third note says the Rat mutants, while promising, also were unable to withstand the conditions underground. Those loyal to the Orb were released. The loyalty most of the mutants feel makes them an enemy of the Dragons, which is why there's a war between the two groups.

More plot next update. And it will be correct for once!