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by GuavaMoment

Part 23: The start of the last day

This temple was strange. I can't help but feel I missed something here. Like that weird building off to the side, but first I want to return to the bust that said "Heaven" on it.

The cloth had a note on it "Rub jewel of Heaven." I can't rub the jewel myself, but maybe I can rub the cloth on the jewel!

HO GOD! Don't hurt me!


Can you figure out this puzzle? Hint:  The last one isn't "ruler". 

Well that statue was terrifying! What other mysteries await beside the Temple?

Oh cool, a holodeck! I've always wanted to play in one. Except it looks like it's in use.

There are five jars of tobacco in front of us. Hey, I've seen these symbols before! The painting in Tad Timov's apartment said "Heaven Vision", with the second and first symbols corresponding to Heaven and Vision, each symbol shown twice.

Let's smoke two Heaven and two Vision pinches of tobacco.

Except that this puzzle is stupid. It's not that easy. The statue at the start of this update gave us the clue "F-Oar P-Inches". Four pinches of just Heaven is what we want. So why did the painting show two Heaven and two Vision symbols? I don't know.

I think I'm seeing something...

...yes, a woman, turning into a mutant!

And now a bunny statue out of nowhere! This is the best drug trip ever! Thanks, old dude!

Looks like the statue was given to this old guy by his child, probably that woman I just had a vision about.

Manhunter's having visions out of nowhere now to advance the plot. This is thankfully less retarded than information coming from the death screen.

Now that my head is a little clearer, I'm remembering the scroll I got from the Temple. It said "West is our only chance". I'm also remembering WAY back in the warehouse where one of the rat mutants wrote a note that mentioned the names Zac and Mic. I know Mic meant Mic Stone, but maybe Zac meant...Zac West? West might mean a person, and that person could be the only chance...

Success! I have a new address!

There must be some kind of mistake - no one would live here, this is a wax museum.

I should look inside anyway.

There's a wax person outside.

Weird looking guy. The doors are locked, so I wonder if this guy has anything to do with opening the door? I should carefully check to see if there's a switch or something on this guy.

Success again!

The mallet has a picture of a fish on the bottom of it as a hint. I picked it up in the first update.

Cool, a laser light show!

Just Orb propaganda. I didn't know anything about their home planet before, I wonder what it's like there? There are more exhibits.

"its friends with open arms. With few exceptions, its people gladly accept Orb rule."

"is improving each day. The benefits of Orb rule will be apparent to the people of Earth very soon.

There are some tracks leading to this fireplace.

Hey, this IS Zac's home. Good thing he's not home, he'd probably kill me. Well, it's getting late, I'd better head back home.

Tune in next time for LOTS of mutants, some craziness, and the final confrontation with Phil!