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Manhunter: New York & San Fransisco

by GuavaMoment

Part 24: All this for a ring.

Day 3 - The Quest for a Sixth Page



I hope I can get used to this someday. What I wouldn't give to never again be startled by an Orb as I wake up. I'f I'm really lucky, this may be the last time.
Let's see what it wants.

Human on a sign? I trust you mean a corpse, and not just some guy putting up a billboard.

Day 3 go! Two targets head to this sign.

Target 1 climbs up on top of the building, while Target 2 takes a smoke break in the alley.

Target 3 comes out of the top of the building...

...and chases Target 1 to the top of the sign. Target 1 stops moving and Target 3 heads back to the hole in the wall where it came from. Targets 4 and 5 are seen at the bottom. They get in a fight with Target 2. Target 5 remains behind, but Targets 2 and 4 leave.

They head to the Wax Museum. Target 4 heads up the chimney where "Zac's Howse" was. Target 2 stops moving where it is shown above.

It would make sense to head to the sign first, but I've got better things to do.


It's open today!

I picked up a laundry receipt on my first day here, and it's time to use it! I could always use another featureless brown robe.

I guess I give my ticket to her.

Here you go!

I suppose I just wait here while she gets the laundry from the back.


What's taking so long?

Oh ho! You want me to come hither? Sure!

Hey, there's a bunch of other guys back here! I don't think you're the kind of girl I thought you were. I don't want to be a part of anything weird with these other...

Hold on, that janitor in the grey robe looks familiar...

You're the slave I rescued from the Transamerica building! How's it going?

That well, huh?

Yeah, being a janitor would suck, but at least you're not a slave to the Orbs anymore. Wait, what are you pointing a-


Oh God, my head. What happened?

Where am I?

Oh shit, it's the Gimp.

Thank God, it's just you, repaying a favor by breaking me out of here. Thanks, slave-guy!

This is the worst laundry service ever. I'm stealing everything not nailed down. These pricks just lost themselves a customer.

I didn't get another robe, just that walking stick. I suppose it'll help me walk all the way over to the sign with the body on it.

Yup, there he is, hanging from the 'G'. The suspects climbed up to the top from this alley.

This was where Target 2 got in a fight. Looks like someone left their glove.

Ewwww, this isn't a glove! Whose hand is this?



Well, I got away. I sure as heck don't want to head back there for a little while. Good thing I just happen to know someone who'd love to collect a mutant hand.

Hey, shopkeep!

Need a hand?

With that the shopkeeper stops being a dick and let's us play a three aces game. He shuffles the cards and we have to pick the ace.

It's nearly impossible to keep track of the shuffling, so what are we to do?

Uh, save? You can save at anytime in this game, so it's just a random guessing game with save/load abuse.

We could win a flashlight or a lantern, but if we're cheating to win, we should win big.

Manhunter takes the rat mask with the eyeholes in it. Having this in his possession gives him an idea...

Hey, I've got an idea!

If I look like a rat mutant, I can get inside this club!

Knock knock!

Just me here, a rat mutant. There are certainly no humans around, no sir!

Sweet! I'm in! They'll never be able to figure out I'm not one of them; my disguise is perfect!

Hi rats, how are you? Doing all kinds of crazy rat things no doubt.

Oh don't mind me, I'm not a human wearing a rat mask, you can trust me with all your special rat secrets.

Is that an arm? It looks familiar.

That's the arm of the slave that Phil killed! UNNC is written on the hand - I wonder what that could be.

The head rat guy shakes a dice.

He rolls it.

And it comes up rat.

He's either really excited at rolling rat, or...well....

I suppose it's your turn to roll now? This game doesn't look all that fun. What's the risk of rolling a skull?

I'll guess I'll find out now.

What are you doing with that cleaver?






Me? Oh crap.

Please please please no whammy no whammy no....WHAMMY!


Oh hell. I'm fucked. I can't show them my hand, they'll know I'm a human! I really should have kept that hand I picked up - but then I wouldn't have been able to win the rat mask to get in here in the first place.

Get away from me! And by the way, you left some of your pixels over there.


I may have more to worry about then just losing a finger...

Well, that Manhunter guy really got himself into a jiffy this time! How's he going to get out of this one? Fight off the rats with the mallet? Convince them violence is the first resort of the unintelligent? Trick them into drinking piss?

It's the last one. The flask full of urine with the "Remedy" label on it.

These rats are so desperate for a cure to their condition that it whips them into a frenzy!

It drinks the piss. What the fuck game, goddamn.

All that for a hatchet.

Again I'm torn between thinking this game sucks or is totally awesome. Tricking a guy into drinking a bottle of piss. God. Fucking. Dammit.