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Manhunter: New York & San Fransisco

by GuavaMoment

Part 25: Another thread hijack by Psion

Now, where was I? Oh, yeah, there was a corpse hanging from a sign I should take a look at. First off, I can climb that rope to get to the roof.

The sign is just over on the next building.

This here is another crappy arcade sequence. You start climbing at the bottom right. Sparks are flying out of the corpse and falling down the wires - get hit, and you have to start over. The sparks make crossing around the top of the "h" impossible, so you have to take a hugely circular route to get to the body. There are places and times where you simply cannot avoid getting hit and having to start over. The game is still skimping on the death sequences, so there's no cool electrocution animation.

If you get to the corpse, the only obvious thing to do is grab the ring. Do so, and you get zapped and die.

That's what the walking stick is for! But to get the stick you had to head to the cleaners
before you headed here to the sign, despite the fact that the MAD computer has this sign as the first location. So in a typical playthrough, you climb the sign, realize you can't get the ring, and have to do it AGAIN after getting the stick.

All this for a ring.

Manhunter moves back to the hole in the wall of this building. What was most likely a rat mutant came through here.

No rat mutants, but there is Manhunter's greatest nemesis.

STAIRS. He trips and bounces down them. If you still have the flask full of pee, it gets broken as you fall.

He actually bounces all the way down here. What will he find?

An impossible puzzle? I don' think we've ever seen those symbols before, have we? Where on earth are we going to find whatever it is that unlocks this gate?

Oh right, that ring we picked up ten seconds ago.

Manhunter begins crawling through the tunnel.

Thanks for all the bumps and the sixth page! We're really close to finishing the game, maybe two updates away. I'd get it done sooner, but Psion keeps messaging me about stuff. The dude will not shut up, and I think he has a problem.