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Manhunter: New York & San Fransisco

by GuavaMoment

Part 27: The End of San Francisco

I can't believe that Phil is a robot! I wonder if he's just a prototype, or if the Orbs built more of them? It would appear that the pipe at the pier is the entrance to the mutant's lair. There's a robot loading up the boxes on the pier onto a ship. Looks like it's heading to Alcatraz, which is an Orb facility. Luckily the wax museum is pretty close to here, the last location the suspects in the tracker went to.

Greatest lock system ever.

Everything in here seems the same as before. Wait, what's that?

This wasn't here yesterday!

That's...Noah Goring! The scientist who created the mutants! There's something in his tie. That broken fang I picked up can cut the thread...

Hmm...Noah's security card. This could get me into any number of the Orb's off-limits areas!

I suppose I could check up here. Even though from the tracker I know that there's a mutant up here...

Let's pretend Manhunter didn't do that. Or maybe he did, and can run really fast.

With the access card, I could figure out the secrets the Orbs are hiding on Alcatraz! But I need to stow away on the ship to get there.

If I could only hide in this crate...

WAIT! I picked up that hatchet in the mutant club!

Fantastic! I'll hide in this crate, and I'll get shipped straight to Alcatraz.

Set your timers folks. And....MARK!

First we have to sit here and watch this robot, slowly, load up each and every crate onto the boat.

The boat sails, slowly, to the Rock.

The robot begins unloading. It's that blue pixel, and the crate you're in is the yellow pixel. We watch the robot, slowly, travel to the building at the top.

The robot drops the crate and leaves. We use the hatchet to escape. These four screenshots encompass FIVE MINUTES of unskippable cutscene. It doesn't take that long to take a real boat to Alcatraz.

Is the coast clear?

Looks like it. There's only one door out, I'll just walk over there and not trip over tha-


Well! There goes my hatchet. Next room.

Ugh! Hideous mutants in cages!

These aren't rat mutants though. Noah did mention there were "many failed experiments", these must be where the failures are being imprisoned.

Gah! Some of these mutants are much uglier than the others. This guy's disgusting! And that one too. The one over there isn't so bad...

...though it looks kind of familiar.

Wait, my vision! That's the mutant I saw in my vision! The old Asian guy gave me the statue after the vision. Written on it were the words "gift from your daughter". This mutant must be his daughter!

I gave her the statue. I think she understands I'm here to help. There was a control panel to the left, I should try to let her out.

Noah's access card would be able to do that!

No no wait! I'm an orb! I can prove it! I have...uh...this little orb-on-a-stick...

Perfect! Now to open the cage holding my new mutant friend.

That's...not what I wanted to do.

LET GO OF ME! I'm your friend! The statue proved it! Where are you taking me?

Can't we talk this over?

Oh right, no talking. Shit.

Awww, you were my friend! Thanks for not killing me. I hope you and your thousands of mutants can integrate back into society.

Let's start pulling handles and pushing buttons until this balloon gets flying. It's worked with every other ship I've had to pilot lately.

Just needs a little match to get us started.

I'm saaaaiiiiiiiillllliiiinnnnngggg, aaaaawwaaaaaaaaaay....

Uh, but where do I land? Quick, what clues haven't I used yet? There's been a lot of talk about "Hell". Notes saying "Take us to Hell and we will bring you to Freedom" and "The Castle is the Gateway to Hell." Hey, Julius Castle! The building I saw from the window of Noah's house. I can see it from here, I'll land there.

I'm a little's going to be a rough landing...



Looks like I've made it to Hell. I'm covered in goo.