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Manhunter: New York & San Fransisco

by GuavaMoment

Part 6: Grand Central Station and Wretched Excess Nightclub

AH!, these Orbs needs to stop waking me up like this. *yawn* What is it now?

I would think that being stolen would count as being tampered with, but whatever, I didn't design the maintenance robots.

Three targets to track this time. Start with the first one.

All three targets enter Grand Central Terminal through here.

Now that's weird. That building shouldn't be blocking tracker signals...unless the Orbs are generating some kind of jamming signal to block them. Why would they do that? What's inside this building anyway?

After leaving the Terminal the 2nd and 3rd suspects head north. The first heads south.

This is a good lead - the target's signal is still coming from the bar. I might be able to catch up to them.

Now to see what the second target is doing.

This one headed north, split up with the 3rd target, and entered this deli with a fourth person. Wait, that fourth person is emitting a weird signal - It barely registers, and I can't track it! I didn't think that was possible! I can only think of two groups with the knowledge and skills to even conceivably modify tracking signals to that extent - the Orbs themselves, or the Resistance. I'm probably dealing with a Resistance cell here.

Target 2 and the weak signal person head to Central Park.

That's a very bad idea for anyone to do, as the entire park is mined. Either the military during, or the Orbs after the invasion placed them. All we know of for sure is that without a guide or a map, it's suicide to travel in the Park.

These two look like they do have a map. They're not getting blown up and are taking a very specific and non-direct path through the park. I'll have to watch their movements carefully if I'm to follow their footsteps later.

I've seen movement like this before - these two people are fighting now!

My tagged person managed to get away, but the fourth person with the weak signal followed.


My guess is that my tagged target just got murdered. Very few people are fool enough to explore Central Park, so without Manhunters, that body would go unnoticed for weeks. There would be no witnesses here if the killer wanted to remain anonymous. I can hypothesize that the victim wasn't expecting an attack, since the two targets were in close proximity for a long time before the fight broke out near this location.

Still one more target to track. The third suspect headed to the Natural History Museum.

They take a specific route to this room on the fourth floor.

Looks like they're still there.

After the Orbs took over they destroyed a lot of human culture and history. Libraries and museums were ransacked and the items were destroyed. They certainly proved their dominance over us by doing so, and it's a good long term strategy for keeping a population subjugated. They are trying to make us forget that we were at one time a free species. Unfortunately, they're doing a good job of it. The point though, is that there's nothing in the museum. Why would someone go here?

My best bet right now is to try and find that first suspect. They're in the Wretched Express Night Club, trying to hide in a crowd. I will find them nonetheless.