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Manhunter: New York & San Fransisco

by GuavaMoment

Part 7: Central Park minefield

If a robot was stolen from Grand Central Station, it's the logical place to start looking.

It's been a long time since this way a subway station. The Orbs have everything locked up tight, and all the windows sealed with sheets of metal. Just like with Bellevue Hospital, no one really knows what exactly they're doing in here.

This is where the three suspects forcibly gained entry. Of course I can't get inside or even take a peek - that Orb is guarding the repair process.

The first suspect headed to this night club, and is probably still there. I don't think it will be too much trouble to enter...

...or maybe it will. This blue man looks at me really angrily whenever I get near. I'll have to find another way in. Like down that back alley....

Oh hell, it's ON now! I'll dodge all these knives and punch this guy into submission! Though can't help but imagine and fear what it would feel like to get stabbed by a slow moving hovering knife. Or can I???

Looks like you sprung a leak! Next time read the directions at the bottom

I imagine it would feel the same as just plain getting stabbed...

But enough of this! Out of my way, ruffian!

Oh, boogers.

Oh, boogers. What is he throwing at me? Rockets? I guess that would feel a lot like a stab wound, but with more smoldering.

God dammit, this guy's got a gun! I supposed I could jump his low shots...

...and duck his high shots! Now to let him feel the wrath of my knuckled friend!


Well, it worked; I'm in the club now.

But which one of these people is my target?

Hey...most people here have multi-colored robes. It's one of the few forms of self-expression the Orbs tolerate. The suspect I'm tracking just ran in here off the street. It must be the brown-robed guy!

Or lady. Could she be the suspect I was tracking yesterday? What's she reaching for? Her purse? Why would she



Where'd she go?

She dropped this keycard through. It's identical to the other twelve I have. What is the purpose of these keycards? I have to find her again!

Christ, I can take a hint! Fine, I'll leave! I still have two other targets to find.