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Manhunter: New York & San Fransisco

by GuavaMoment

Part 8: I think I know who the killer is!

Off to follow the second suspect. First stop - this Vend-O-Deli.

Here the suspect stood in front of something on a wall, and met up with that strange, untrackable person.

Those things on the wall look like public-use bulletin boards.

This isn't the one my suspect looked at...

...this one is.

If I'm to assume the people I'm tracking are part of the Orb Resistance, then the only note here that could have any kind of meaning is the "we saw the mother, she's ready to go" note. Perhaps 'mother' means mothership? I can't say for certain. But I'll keep a note on that name - "Harvey".

Next to Central Park. This is where I assume I'll find the body of my suspect, killed by that untrackable person.

I've seen this sign before.

Don't get your goose cooked!

Yup, land mines. It's very dangerous to travel here. In fact I can see someone through the trees, running from something...

There once was a Manhunter from New York,
who took a wrong turn in the park.
He stepped on a mine,
He should have read the sign,
Now he is scattered from dusk to dark.

Very dangerous to travel here. Every route between the trees would lead to certain death, save one. There are way too many paths to map them all; you have to know which is the right way. Luckily I can follow the route my suspects took to avoid any missteps.

First I go between these two trees...

Then these two trees...

This path...

skipping ahead a bit

..after that I reach the spot where the two suspects had their first tussle. That was near the bush over here.

Hello, what's this? Something dropped by one of my targets maybe?

Then the target ran in this direction...

skipping a little more

And down this path is where the signal ends.

I can already see it in the distance. The killer made no attempt to hide the body.

The letter "P" is carved into this person's forehead. Perhaps it's the first letter of the killer's name? Maybe that "Phil" I was warned about yesterday? Wait, what's that on the rock beside him?

Cool? I doubt that was the last thing this person wanted to communicate. What was he trying to say?

Maybe those notes on the ground will give me a clue.

Anna...and H. Osborne.

The note in the Vend-O-Deli was written by "Harvey". Maybe this person is Harvey Osborne?

Bingo! Suspect two identified. Though I'm no closer to finding the stolen maintenance droid, I have the home address of a suspected Resistance member.

I've got a hunch, maybe this Anna person is related...

Jackpot. This is the girl that smacked me with the purse in the club! These two shar the same address so I can assume that Anna is Harvey's wife, or maybe his sister. I want to check out their apartment before tracking the third suspect.

5-B, here it is.

Incriminating evidence...where are you?

Ooh, mine now. Nothing in the dresser, hmm, what's in the closet?

Suspect one found. She must have run home after attacking me in the club, only to run into the same person that killed Harvey.

This killer is somehow untrackable, and appears to be killing off members of the Resistance.

I don't like this, not one bit.

I hope my third suspect is OK...