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Part 6: Call of Duty

Call of Duty

Akhmet's recent actions have put him on the radar of the Administration. Lucky for him that Serb is an old army buddy. Not sure if other people would have believed him. But he also told Konev about Akhmet's sapper training and they want him for a task now. Despite the prospect of danger and complications, Akhmet will pay the Administration a visit. Better to do it on his own terms, I guess.

To give this some context, as a previous cutscene and some dialog told us, the Administration is the new police/law around. They pushed back the bandits and provide some relative safety. Konev seems to be a decent guy, but he still controls a lot of people with guns. So it wouldn't be a good idea to just ignore him or get on his bad side. Let's hope that Akhmet is not getting in over his head.

As always, Wifey has something to say..

:"What did they need from you? Why did they come? Or were they just angry?"

:"They're always angry and arguing, it's their purpose. Don't worry, it's okay. I told them everything and they understood me. And just for you to know - later today I'm going to Konev. Let's see if he has any tasks for me. Let's see. Maybe I'll have a duty to serve?"

:"What duty? Don't be an idiot! What duties do you have? They can shoot you there and what will I do alone? How will I find you? Sometimes you should think about me, too!"

:"I ain't asking you for an advice. Woman, duty implies money and food. You got it? Now, calm down."
You forgot to tell her to get back to the kitchen.

Wifey does have a point. Akhmet doesn't know what they want from him, or if Serb believing him is enough. A lot of bad things could happen at the Administration's building, and curiosity killed the cat.

But Akhmet has made his choice, and swings by the Bazaar to stock up on ammo and to have a chat with Oleg.

:"My mate from the Administration says Konev has something big on his mind. Either he wants to start a big war or to dig in the Rusreserve complex exploded by the U.S..."
Well that's interesting. My research yielded nothing on Rusreserve but in the context of the game it's a term for large supply bases.

Akhmet also leveled up in his sleep. Seriously, finishing the last chapter gave him enough Xp to ping a level as the screen faded to black.

Affinity to assault rifles:An assault rifle in your hands is ready for shooting, faster than a thought.

The first step in the AR tree. Akhmet will make them his guns of choice, as they are really flexible. And I personally enjoy them the most out of all the choices.

Also I took the time to grind his sapper skill up to 70. You don't really need a high skill for the next chapters but it does make things much easier and less dangerous.

Well, off the Administration.

:"Ok. I do want to come back. Should you attack me, you will pay a big price for my life, that I can guarantee."

So how about that? The rumors were true and Konev really wants to take over one of the old Rusreserve bases. But since the Americans blew up parts of the base, after they looted it, he needs Akhmet to clear the way in. While he tried to weasel out of it at the beginning, he agreed in the end. It's not like he has much of a choice. While Konev is a decent fellow, it's better not fuck with him and his armed guys. Especially that Fomenko seems like a real prick. But Akhmet will get a fine reward for his service. The "Utes" is actually a 12,7mm machine gun, used for infantry support, tank defense and close anti-air. So a big fucking gun! What he plans with it is actually quite smart, but it'll take a while till you see what he has on his mind. But trust me, you'll like it.

With no reason to delay it, Akhmet moves out.

Told you that Akhmet doesn't give a shit about bums. But he isn't alone, seeing how Maksimych differentiates between Hobos and "normal" people.

Let's take a look at the topside of the Rusreserve base.

Train yard on the left.

Storage and buildings on the right.

The entrance to the underground base is in the middle and blocked by rubble. Akhmet has to clear it and look for mines around it.

The Admin guys will wait here, till Akhmet tells them that everything is clear.

Before taking care of the mines, Akhmet wants to loot some stuff.

There are some goodies hidden in the train yard.

Sadly it's totally broken, and finding a good one isn't that far away so I'll leave it with the corpse.

There is something funny about that crate. It has some tools inside but also a mine in front. You can't spot it, believe me I tried.

and... doesn't do damage. The fragments just mash into the floor.

This one is another matter.

While this mine isn't related to the quest, it's a good point for me to explain the new type of mines. This is the American Claymore mine. A directional trigger will release a storm of steel balls that fuck up everything. The exact mechanics of the cone are a bit mysterious. Akhmet can move around in the red area and will trigger the mine when going into the green zone. How far you can move into the cone is probably governed by your move speed, your sapper skill and if you spotted the mine to begin with. I can't really say how it works. What I can say is that it's a good idea to move slowly in mined areas and have a finger on the quicksave.

All in all, there's not that much interesting loot around so let's focus on the good things.

Yes! These are the good grenades. Lots of fragments and a decent explosion.

This shack also has something of interest.

A dickish mine, for instance.

I think this was placed for the players who don't have good eye sight. The mines on this map are easy to defuse and not that hard to spot, but that won't always be the case. And while the text is lying about the weight, it's as large as a rifle.

Sir! I'll hurry the fuck up, sir!

So, this is the entrance to the underground base. The mines form a loose ring around it. As I said, they are easy to defuse, otherwise you couldn't finish this mission with a low sapper skill. But the neat thing is that you can keep all the Claymores. And Akhmet will find a good use for them, eventually.

:"They were placing them without spirit. Looks like it's the last one."

:"How is it?"

:"That's it, Maksimych. Removed all I could find, we can approach now. And where's Fomenko?"

:"Still nothing...Look! We got someone on the flank."

Of course!

A few words about this battle. You can either stick with the group, or be on your own. Sticking with the group is a bit safer but will lead to the enemies flanking you. Going alone is dangerous but will take the heat of the group so they can do most of the work. I'll go alone and use Akhmet as a kind of skirmisher. He'll mostly divide the attention of the enemies, while Maksimych and his group will bag most of the kills. It's possible to have a rifle at this point, but where's the fun in just sniping all the mans?

The enemies spawn in on the left side of the map, and will then spread out.

Our Admin friends take the other side. You can mostly count on them, as they are former Speznas. Maksimych is also plot immortal and it really doesn't matter if the other guys die.

Akhmet scores a lucky shot.

This guy has a new weapon, a rifle. You want to kill rifle guys ASAP, as they will fuck you up really fast if you give them the chance to aim.

On the other side, this guy is smart enough to retreat after scouting.

By now, the enemies start to push on Akhmet's position to get around the Admin group.

Last time I'll use the shitty nades.

A kill is something, right?

My main strategy to survive is to constantly switch between the corners of the concrete shack.

Of course the AI figures this out.


..the Admins start to push in.

It's about time, as things on Akhmet's end get hairy.

Lots of fire goes into his alley as these guys run up on him.

The smart choice is to be quiet and set a trap.

The Admins broke the hostile group and start to mop up.

Akhmet doesn't want to slack and scores another kill.

Of course this triggers another volley of fire in his direction.

He and this corner became really good buddies.

Shouldn't have stepped into the death alley, guy.

Welp. Here is a weird thing about this chapter. Fomenko wasn't there when the battle started, but showed up at the end. Apparently he didn't bring any Hobos and now we are using the surviving bandits as "scouts". This may be due to something being lost in translation, a mistake of the developers or something entirely different.

If you haven't realized this by now, this chapter has two parts. We're done topside so the next part will be in the underground bunker under the base.

:"How are you?"

:"That's all Maksimych. It's ready, you can tell your people."

:"Too early. Who can check it downstairs? No, I've taken this job and I need to finish it myself. I need to check it myself."

:"Alright. I'm going down."

Pretty sure that this exchange got butchered by translation. I assume that Akhmet respects Maksimych and doesn't want him to get blown up. After all, Akhmet knows how to handle mines and has his "scouts". His chances are much better.

But before going down, Akhmet has a look at the corpses and stashes all the loot in a crate.

Maksimych really wanted to pick up this shotty during the battle. No idea why, as his gun was way better. Guess he wanted to look

The Vepr is the first rifle and it's a fine weapon. Accurate, reliable and it can take a few upgrades. Akhmet won't be using it but we'll meet someone who will. Real soon, I promise.

Another word on the Claymores. When placed by the player they have a much smaller cone. But they're still the best defensive tools in the game and Akhmet will carry as many of them home as he can.

Let's see what awaits us, down below.

Probably dead Hobos.