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Part 11: The worst day ever

Chortles posted:

Might this be fixed just by running a "memory cleaner" like IObit's SmartRAM?
No idea! I've never even heard about such things.

In other news:

The worst day ever

With a new companion in tow, Akhmet has made his way back to his house.

Serb looks pretty good for being a mess, just moments ago. Well, at least he won't join us right now and says that he needs to rest.

:"So, what was there?"

:"It was common - a pile of corpses, what else? That's all, a tragic end of the Administration. But I'm glad that Serb is still alive."

:"How badly is he hurt?"

:"Nothing important, the bone is safe. Bring me the medical equipment. Let's see what we've got."

:"He will recover and walk away or...or he will stay with us?"

:"He has nowhere to go. Our house is his house."

Vitek also has something to say..

:"No shit, it was quite the power in the region. And now it's in ruins. In half an hour."

:"Nigmat killed all of them. I think Serb is the last man standing."

:"So, have you found anything?"

:"Found something, heh... There are Marauder bands everywhere. I'm happy that I haven't found a bullet for my head. Forget about it. But it was worth it. We'll heal Serb and he will be a good warrior."

Serb will be down till I finish this chapter, but there is more to do. Actually, this chapter has the first real sidequest and I have to trade in all the loot. But I won't trade in the quest items, as I want Serb to get his share of the bonus Xp.

Off to the Bazaar..

Well, there is a new person.

:"Hey, watch where you're going, bastard! Whoa, Akhmetzyanov...Well met."

:"Greetings, I didn't expect our meeting. You look angry, Andrey! Being angry never leads to good health nowadays. You're lucky you encountered me, and not an enemy."

:"I've been looking for my little daughter for two days already, that's why I maybe look so angry. My woman, damn her, didn't take proper care of her and she left downstairs. My neighbors heard that by bad chance there were dogs downstairs. They scared her off, she ran away somewhere in direction of Culture Hall."

:"So what, nobody seen her? Besides, half of the houses are abandoned."

:"No, nobody else. So I circle here all day long. She's probably somewhere near, extremely scared. She must have her favorite doll with her so she's not that lonely...but..Give me a hand, Akhmet? Search that part of the region, you should know it better than me. If you find her, I'll make it worth your while."

Of course Akhmet helps him out! Only a stone cold bastard would leave Andrey to his misery. Also this is a chance to do something good in a fucked up world.

:"Yes, brother. The situation requires no talking. I'll take the region from Bazaar to Culture Hall, you take the other side. Calm down, we'll find her, she's not so small. Where will we meet?"

:"Meet you here at dusk. Thanks in advance, Akhmetzyanov. Just in case - she took her rag doll with her. It could be a print. If you see it, it means she must be nearby."

But before I'll start the search, it's time for some chatting and trade.

:"It's the end of the Administration for sure! I don't know the details, but whole night there was a fight in the Pentagon. Rumors say there's a swimming pool full with corpses over there. Konev is killed, his lads too. Those who remain have split in two gangs."

:"It's like I said. There's no more Administration. Konev's assistants and their bands got rid of all who abode with former colonel. Tough times are coming."

There is another new person at the Bazaar.

The game labels him "Gypsy".

:"Meat pies! Meat pies, people, only two Fives for a pie! Cheaper than mud and cooked by the God!"

:"What is that meat?"

:"Pork, fatless, fresh! Don't hesitate, you have to buy it! You see it's so popular - I've just brought it here and I'm out of it, I'll return home soon!"
Yeah right. It's probably dog/cat or rat meat. Or a mix of all. But no matter, let's allow Akhmet a little snack.

:"Well, well. Give me one."

:"Here you are, sir, the biggest one. Have some pork, Allah isn't watching now!"
And here we have the clearest proof that Akhmet is a Muslim. But he doesn't seem to be very serious about his faith overall.

:"Shut your mouth... I don't get it..the meat is too sweet..Is your pork burnt? Be careful. If you upset my stomach, I will upset you after. Trust me, you don't wanna be upset like this."

:"Burnt? What do you mean, burnt? Only toda.. I mean yesterday...was brought by locals! Fresher than ever!"
As I've already said, it's probably dog meat or something. But nothing bad happened so let's just move on.

Akhmet makes around five hundred Fives and invests in some repair kits and clips for the AKM. Nothing too major, as I want to keep some money for Serb.

So, time to look for that little girl. The teleporter is actually right here at the Bazaar.

:"So, are we searching or what? First let's think for a while. This is Culture Hall. That's the street. Where could she probably run from dogs? Down to the lake? No, even a little girl is too smart for that. So she had only one option - up the Bluecher street."
Bluecher Street is actually the Culture Hall.

Remember this place? We blew it up!

I wanted to lead this in a bit more slowly, by searching around the area...

..but I immediately triggered combat.

The house was actually inaccessible when we were here for the first time, but with some camera glitching you could still look inside. I'm not gonna spoil it, but on my first run I really tried my best to enter the house early.

Having learned my lesson, I decide for the real SWAT entry...

..only for the AI to open the door at the right moment.

Sending two people into the cramped flat isn't that necessary, so I have Vitek watch the street while Akhmet goes to buckshot town.

Two guys hide in the back room, which looks kind of odd.

The Saiga is still awesome.

Combat is still going..

..but as there are no contacts, I take a look around the flat.

I really don't wanna know what happened here..But as there are hooks in the walls, it's probably a makeshift butcher house.

Wait a minute..what's that on the table?

That's a hand...a human hand.. these are fucking cannibals! Oh god, the no no no

There is a locker in the room..

Oh no

:"A doll...Screw this life. Looks like I don't have to look for Andrey's girl any longer."
no no

NO NO would have been too good to rescue that little girl. This world is truly fucked! Okay, time to focus and get out of here, we don't want to become the next victims.

Suddenly, Vitek has a contact...

Wait a minute. That is the guy from the Bazaar, who sold us the meat pie...meat pie...meat...

It was a people pie!!!!


Akhmet just flies into a rage, with total disregard for his own safety.

And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger..

...those who would attempt to poison and destroy My brothers.

Akhmet just slaughtered four guys, so Vitek picks off the last while he rams a new mag into the Saiga.

This isn't over...

Well, wasn't that some shit? When I played this for the first time I passed on the meat pie and was a tad confused by the events. But on my second run I put the pieces together. While it's never clearly stated, we can assume that Akhmet ate little girl pie. I mean it sure would fit the tone of the game so far. I'm not a sensitive person, but after I experienced this event I went "Fuck you, game!" and quit for the day.

Also I want to point out that I'm pretty sure that the Devs are Gypsy-racist. The head of the cannibals is called one, and it's a fact that Gypsies are often the target of animosity and a lot of slander. Like being thieves, cursing people or eating babies.

Welp, let's get back on track.

The cannibals have some decent guns, but nothing we haven't seen already. And I'm sure as hell not going to hang on to that people pie!

Time to deliver the sad news. I want to point out that the voice actor for Andrey does a pretty good job during the following scene.

:"Andrey. I've some unpleasant news for you. Look."

:"Precisely! It's it, it's it! Where did you..?"

:"Stand firm, brother. I killed one of these cannibal creatures....and I found it in it's backpack."

:"Damn... Where did the motherfucker live? Tell me, Akhmet. I need it!"

:"Sure. I understand. Bluecher street, 17 - you know the place? There's one living house. It's the house of those creatures. Just be careful, they are many."

:"Thanks, Akhmetzyanov. Good luck to you, I am leaving. Wait... take my "Vepr". That's for your trouble. A stump will be enough for me."

:"Thanks, Andrey. Be careful, watch your back."

Despite all the sadness, we have a reason to rejoice. Cause that reward is really sweet!

This is a unique Vepr rifle, pimped out to use 7,62x54mm rounds. Just like the SVD! It's the best rifle in the game, imho. The SVD is more accurate if you crunch the numbers, but you'll never see ranges that are long enough so that it actually matters. Also there is one little item left that will make it even more awesome. Vitek is going to have a blast with this!

Akhmet sells the loot from the cannibals and invests in rounds for the new rifle and some spare clips. We want to have this ready in the next chapter.

In silence, both of our heroes make their way back to the house.

There really isn't much to say this time. Akhmet has a new friend and more wealth but this still was the worst day ever. Seriously.