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Part 14: Preparations


The text should probably continue with "our house."

I think that aside from adding some live, Kyabir was also supposed to be part of the encounter system. In the sense that he could attack whoever came into the house. As it is now, he will only be around. Immortal like any other Npc on our side, but I've never seen him act during a fight.

Strangely, Wifey has no new dialog after the last mission.

Panevin, the guy we saved from Avtaikin's house, waits at a new level changer. Talking to him will kick off the next large battle. But there's still a lot of stuff to do before that.

To the Bazaar!

:"Any news, Oleg?"

:"Somebody ruined Avtaikin's house. Avtaikin had nearly 15 ugly lads under his control, all of them were robbers or former cops. Nobody of them has survived. It serves them right."

After the last battle, I finally have enough skins for Masha.

:"Masha, look. I have something for you."

:"You're working fine, Akhmet. I sold some clothes made from your dog skins, earned good money. You know, I should give you a reward for justice. Here, keep it, while I'm so kind. Maybe it'll save you some day. Your clothes are no match for this vest, it may keep a rifle slug away."

This is another unique item, and a pretty sweet one. It's the best medium armor available and will go on Vitek. There is another tier of armor but with his low strength he can't really make good use of it.

Looks snazzy. Though I'll never not giggle at the helmet.

The loot from Avtaikin's band made Akhmet a ton of Fives. Like in the area of a 1000. Given how hard the next events will be, it's time to spend most of it. Aside from repairing gear, he buys ammo for the PKM, lots of 40mm grenades and some small things.

Turning in the quest items also brought a level for Akhmet.

Armor piercing:"Every bulletproof vest has weaker spots, and you happen to hit them all the time."

"Did you see the dogs? They are roaming in packs, fangs are like my fingers."

"Don't you like my daughter? She's thirteen already."

Let's visit Pyotr and give him the watch.

:"Here, look. I took it from Avtaikin..his remains, to be precise."

You now have the choice to not take his reward which will get you some bonus Xp. But I never found that necessary as taking the reward will also net you Xp, in the end.

:"Thanks, Pyotr. You were living near Pentagon?"

:"I used to live there. I can look at these walls no longer... It's driving me nuts again. But I'm absolutely sure the safe is there, locked. It can only be opened with this key, no chance to pick the lock."

Aha! Remember the strange safe I pointed out when we were visited the old headquarter of the Administration?

Akhmet brings his new toys to the house and pets Kyabir before moving out again.

Sadly, nothing happens

:"I can try to pick up Pyotr's gift right now. - Yeah, I have to go while I have time. This "Bizon" should be an expensive shooter, not a simple Makarov."

And we're back on this map.

Anything that I left in a container is still there. So I can squeeze some more Fives out of the game.

The safe is in the empty house on the corner.

The lads protect the rear, while Akhmet will go into the flat.

:"Look! It seems like we have guests."

:"The cop's friends or something?"

:"Ha, easy loot is coming."

I wouldn't be so sure.

There isn't much room in the flat, so I'm going to let Akhmet handle this solo.

It's been a while since he corner-jumped.

I'll never stop loving the Saiga.

Let's check the safe.

The Bizon is kind of a strange weapon. You'll only be able to buy it in the last leg of the game and it's the best submachine gun available. But then again it uses 9x18mm which sucks against any form of armor. I find it to be a good backup weapon but nothing more.

Picking it up also gave everyone Xp, and Serb leveled which allowed him to max the assault rifle tree.

Fast aiming:"You waste no time targeting your AK at enemies. It almost targets itself."

With this out of the way, Akhmet makes a last stop at the Bazaar to pawn all remaining loot and to pick up whatever the crew can use.

This will boost Vitek's backup weapon a bit.

Now the time has come, to leave for the missile base. The fight there is large and difficult so you want to be in the best shape. Let's take a look at our lads.

Akhmet didn't really change as he works good in his "all purpose-rifle guy" role.

Serb brings the boom! Not only is the Rg-6 loaded with jumping grenades but the rifle also has a launcher with normal Vog grenades. And the drum magazine will allow him to be quite flexible.

Vitek is also happy with his role, only upgrading to a real medkit over the old first aid kits. This is kind of important as the next battle will have two stages. Having a wound from the first stage will make the second much harder.

And lastly, Zhirik as our MG guinea pig. Two boxes of ammo may not be that much but you got to understand that the ammo is dang expensive.

And so, our guys are as ready, as they can be.

Let's hope that it's enough...

Author's note: Just a shorty this time, as the page is getting load-heavy. Also the next battle is large and needs a lot of pics.
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