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Martian Dreams

by Nakar

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Original Thread: Let's Play Martian Dreams: Fighting Rasputin on Mars with Sigmund Freud



Let's Play Worlds of Ultima: Martian Dreams

What's This?

Martian Dreams is the second in the Worlds of Ultima series, a spinoff of the legendary Ultima computer game series. In the years between Ultima VI: The False Prophet and Ultima VII Part 1: The Black Gate, Origin Systems put out a variety of games which were about the Avatar's adventures, but weren't traditional Ultima Games. Ultima Underworld, for example, was a first-person adventure.

The Worlds of Ultima games (Savage Empire and this) were more traditional in gameplay, ultimately similar to Ultima VI (considering they use U6's engine, this isn't surprising). However, they were thematically different. Savage Empire pitted the Avatar against rampaging dinosaurs in a Lost World prehistoric jungle. Martian Dreams, by contrast, is very pulp/steampunk. The trip to a Mars very unlike the one we know today is sprinkled with turn-of-the-century adventurousness, weird science (there will be ray guns), and lots of historical figures.

Also Warren Spector made it and is in it. I think partying with Warren Spector is about all you need to know about this game.

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