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Marvel Land

by Lava Lamp Goddess

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Original Thread: Let's Play Marvel Land!....with a GIRL! [video LP]



Oh, Marvel Land.. You once were so wonderful. Now you are the bane of my existance.

Marvel Land is a platformer released by Namco in 1991 for the Sega Genesis. It's colorful and childish, but at times, annoyingly difficult. Death is unavoidable and occurs a hell of a lot.

I'm a girl, so I thought I'd stick with a cute game. I mean, I'm not going to start off playing Contra or something. Yay, stereotypes!

I'm sorry about the sound quality being sorta assy. My original three tests sounded fine, but the actual final recording just went.. bleh.

I appreciate your feedback and advice on commentating. Do I need more dick jokes to fit in here? :3:

World 1

Things to listen for:

*My inability to read numeric values
*"Oh god"
*Me sounding just generally stupid

World 2

Things to listen/watch for:

*Me dying.. a lot.
*The worst level background in a video game EVER.

World 3

Things blah blah...:

*This video is next to trainwreck in the dictionary. Seriously, it's THAT BAD.
*I actually made and uploaded this video a week or so ago, afraid to post it because it's such shit. Well, I'm not about to quit the thread, so up it goes!
*This music will eat your mind
*I hate this

World 4

You know the drill:

*My lack to complete levels due to sheer insanity of difficulty. I would of abused savestates but I didn't feel like it. But hey, I did finish it!
*Horrible ending
*Easiest final levels ever
*Their lack of translating all the names of the various enemies.

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