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Part 3: Pimpin' ain't easy

Pimpin' ain't easy

We are supposed to go meet with the Council to discuss the disaster on Eden Prime. Instead we go screwing around (literally). The Citadel is much like the Hinterlands in DAI - it's a huge starting area full of sidequests where if you try to do all of them right off the bat you'll burn out and get bored. I may do some of these for XP and whatnot but won't show them on camera because the large majority are stupid fetchquests.

We meet some of the other major races in ME, the elcor and volus. Elcor are big cow-like things who speak in monotone. Insincere endorsement, this is a great LP and you should watch it. Volus are bowling balls that breathe ammonia and live on high pressure planets so they wear funny suits. They also tend to be portrayed as traders and bankers and fixated on money.

And let's talk about the Asari, shall we? An interesting concept (a monogendered race that doesn't really have sex to reproduce) that gets buried under obvious wank material. All the Asari are attractive (within the graphics limitations ) and sexual and are either strippers, mercenaries, or stripper mercenaries. The first time we see Benezia she's wearing a ridiculous outfit and has giant bazoombas - and she's the equivalent of your 70 year old grandmother. At least the games sometimes take the piss and make jokes about it.

Also we meet two of the best future squadmates.