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Part 6: Elevate me

Elevate me

We descend into a majestic Prothean ruin and observe the pinnacle of people moving technology. In other words we go into a grubby pit and ride elevators. Inside we find Benezia's daughter, Liara and she's being hunted by Saren's goons.

In ME1 Liara is sort of the equivalent of a nerdy girl. She's naive, shy, and unlike all those other Asari she dresses sensibly. I like Liara but she's not portrayed very well in ME1. By the time 2 rolls around she's capable, confident, and pretty She also finds a sense of humor somewhere. At the beginning of ME3 she casually executes a couple of Cerberus dudes who were chasing her like it's nothing. In 1 however, the "barely more than a child" comment is sort of gross and creepy (they could have said "barely considered an adult" and sounded less ) and they kind of go out of their way to emphasize how Liara is pure and virginal unlike those slutty Asari we've been running into. Also her idle animation is this thing where she sensually runs her hand down her chest. WTF Bioware.

Wrex is right that in combat her biotics come in handy. She's got singularity, which in 1 results in hilarious clusterfucks because the objects all have their own physics. Nothing like levitating an entire room of crates into the ceiling and then flinging them around. Give her a good pistol and decent armor with cooldown reduction; you won't be disappointed.