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Part 16: Geth who

Geth who

We go to Trump Tower ExoGeni headquarters and find out what the Geth are after. Apparently it's a sentient head of cauliflower. It's really too bad you don't get the option to stop by the ExoGeni corporate offices and go full ham ala Dogma on their board. We defeat them via a not-surprising OSHA violation considering the state of everything else in the colony and along the way discover robots praying to light fixtures.

Ethan Jeong's P/R check is a real fucking challenge to hit if you aren't cheating. You basically need a full bar which means if you haven't done every single goddamn main and sidequest up until now you just end up shooting him. Which is fine and satisfying in and of itself, but kind of a bummer if you were trying for a peaceful resolution and see those greyed-out options. I'd also like it more if the renegade option involved slapping the shit out of him.

Sorry this episode is long, but it made more sense to do it all in one go considering what we still have to do.