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Part 17: Feed me Seymour

Feed me Seymour

We have a loud and heated disagreement with a plant. We win, of course. There are a few things about this mission that bug me in the narrative sense. Firstly nothing bad happens to ExoGeni. They used colonists as test subjects and neither the Council or the Alliance gives a fuck. When you take the options we did you'll get an elevator blurb about how the colony is turning a profit and ExoGeni stock goes up. So they make money off of being horrible assholes. Also we get the endemic memories of the Protheans, but we (and Liara after she brain-drains us) have no idea of what the Protheans are really like. I can sort of excuse this being the first game and maybe they hadn't plotted out what we find out in 3, but still. You'd think things would be less of a goddamn mystery. Also we kill a thing that is probably the only of its type in the galaxy and nobody says "well shit we exctincted a species that's too bad."

This video is fairly short. We've just got our companion quests to take care of and then it's Virmire and end game.