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Part 22: For posterity's sake

For posterity's sake

The Council/Udina fuck us over (what a surprise) and we steal the Normandy in retaliation. Please remember this moment, I sure will, you asshole Udina. Also we make Conrad pee himself and check in on some group called Cerberus that we'll probably never hear from again.

Kahoku's stuff is especially stupid: "I totally found out about this black ops group and they're after me, so I'll flee the military because I'll surely be safer on my own outside of my ship/base/fucking entire Navy " There was another Cerb mission I did and forgot to record all of it, but it's another "go here and shoot some shit in 3 identical bases" where this time instead of Rachni you shoot husks so we're not missing anything at. Cerberus is also responsible for our unit getting thresher mawed on Akuze, They're sooper dooper evil guyz! Good thing we won't have to work with them later or anything.