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Part 23: Crap, a pop up

Crap, a pop up

We head off to Ilos in order to stop Saren from reaching the Conduit. But first we get busy with a certain Asari scientist (sorry, guys, not Rana). Hilariously this means if you want to create a manual save before heading off so you can redo the final mission with different squadmates you'll have to sit through banging whomever each time Then we're treated to some choice overacting and get the world's longest info dump from a broken Siri equivalent. Seriously, it's like 20 minutes long. Needless to say when I'm not LPing the game I sit and mash square through it and don't bother asking extra questions.

Apparently the Reapers have been doing this for millions of years and the only reason we're all not already dead is because the last few Protheans reprogrammed the ugly grasshoppers wandering around the Citadel and so Sovereign is down to plan Z which involves a grumpy Turian and religious robots. Also it seems the Rachni wars were one of Sov's earlier attempts. Just like in real life, the important people fucked off at the end of the last cycle and left an idiot in charge. For once we can be happy with management making poor personnel choices.

Saren's already made it through so we'll have to hurry to catch him!

Last episode will be up within the week and then I'll take a short break before picking up ME2.