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Part 24: Sovereign citizen beatdown

Sovereign citizen beatdown

After spending valuable time screwing around with a dying computer we finally head off through the Conduit. Saren's already there and things have really gone to shit. Fires, death, and malfunctioning elevators. Sovereign tore through the Council's fleet like cheap toilet paper and if we can't stop it, the Reapers are gonna pour in and destroy all life as we know it.

This is probably everyone's favorite setpiece in the game, and with good reason. That view when you first step out into empty air and things are all topsy-turvy is excellent. You have what appears to be a horizontal field when in actuality you're running vertically up the outside of the Presidium. Every now and then a piece of debris or an enemy will go hurtling by to remind you of this. Then you've got Sov off in the distance with his big tentacles smashing down and the Citadel's closed arms as a backdrop. It's some first class shit and those of us who love this game can forgive crappy inventory interfaces, myriad elevators and sketchy combat because they get us to this point.

We talk Saren into blowing his brains out and then fight his reanimated skeleton. That's more than a few implants there, guy. I guess Sov decided to offload all its processing power into the thing because once you kill what's left of Saren it BSODs and gets obliterated by the Alliance ships. We let the Council live because we're stupid good people and they repay us by letting humanity join. If you let them die then humans act like assholes and grab power. This is one of those renegade things that doesn't really do anything for you, as they will be just as unhelpful and shitty regardless of species and it makes the other races not like us so much in the later games. Plus it's fun to have the continuity of arguing with the same 3 people across 3 games.

We choose Anderson to be king hell shit of yoomanity because fuck Udina for grounding us. Why yes, I hold grudges why do you ask? You can actually undo this decision later due to an oversight which I'll explain in the next thread. And then purposefully march off to get on yet another goddamn elevator. Also the ending shot is delightfully cheesy.

And that's the LP folks! Gonna take a bit of a break, maybe a week or two before I pick up again. The next LP will have an added feature which I'm excited to try out and y'all can play along at home.