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Part 2: Veetoriffic


The Drink
Missing Tom Colonists
2 parts gin
1 part lemon juice
simple syrup
club soda

Add gin, lemon juice and syrup, top up with club soda

Simple version: Gin & Sprite

No real game, just make it disappear like those colonists.

The Episode
Miranda shows up at the shuttle and pink slips Wilson in a rather extreme manner. Then we go meet TIM who tells us a shitload of colonists are going missing all over the place. We get sent to check it out with no real argument on our part. This is dumb, especially considering our origin where Cerberus is responsible for the death of our unit on Akuze. You don't get any real choice to do this and it's narratively retarded.

Then we go to Freedom's Progress to investigate the most recent disappearance. The mechs have gone bugshit (big surprise) and there are no people around. We run into a familiar face and find out who/what is behind the disappearances, some weird new race known as the Collectors.