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Part 3: Ship of tools

Ship of tools

The Drink
Cerberussian Roulette
1 oz vodka
1 oz Kahlua
1 oz Creme de Cacao
Half and Half
Cocoa Powder

Add liquors to a shaker full of ice and shake well to combine. Pour into glass, add H&H and stir. If you'd like your drink a little more foamy put all the liquids into the shaker. Dust top with cocoa powder.

Simplified drink: coffee and Kahlua

The Drinking Game
Drink every time someone says "Cerberus." Good luck and godspeed

The Episode
We update TIM on the status of Freedom's Progress. Seems he kinda knew already what was going on (a bit of a recurring theme for the game). We agree to work with him, not like we get the option to say no. Then he gives us a present, a bigger and improved Normandy. We tour the ship and meet our new crew with a couple of familiar faces inside. Also the ship has a full-on AI which is illegal as fuck but hey, it's Cerberus. As far as Cerb experiments go EDI is one of the few that doesn't end up killing everyone and everything though technically she does malfunction later.