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Part 4: What a pisshole

What a pisshole

The Drink
1 oz whiskey
Ginger Ale
Orange Bitters

Combine whiskey and ginger in a rocks glass with ice. Add a dash of bitters. I garnished with an orange but a maraschino cherry would be swell too.

The Drinking Game
Drink every time somebody makes mention of how shitty Omega is.

The Episode
We head on over to Omega, which is a big fuckoff city inside a hollow asteroid. It's basically Mos Eisley. There's lots of stuff to do here in the early game; we can pick up 3 squadmates, there are a couple of vendors and we meet Aria who is more or less the leader (or tyrannical despot, tomato/tohmato) of the place. Aria is voiced by Trinity herself, Carrie-Anne Moss. Her acting is a bit . I think she was going for disaffected and instead sounded like she was bored with what she was doing. At least she swears so she isn't a total blandface. She's definitely better in 3 and its DLC, Omega. In 2 though she's just sort of there, put forward as some big badass and all she ever does is sit on that couch.

Also we pick up the best guddamn squadmate.