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Part 7: Rust, dust, and a bust

Rust, dust, and a bust

The Drink
Bleed Out
2 oz gin
1 oz St. Germain
San Pellegrino Blood Orange Soda

Combine liquors in a shaker with ice, shake to combine. Add to chilled soda

Simplified version: gin and juice

The Drinking Game
Drink every time I light someone on fire with incendiary ammo.

The Episode
Once we recruit a new squad member then we get a short conversation with them back on the ship (DLC characters don't get this) so we have a quick chat with Mordin and fuck around with the upgrades we've now unlocked.

We're supposed to go to a really shitty planet and find a Krogan warlord named Okeer. We get there and find a bunch of Krogan fighting a bunch of asshole mercs. The asshole mercs are led by a super asshole named Jedore, turns out she wanted a Krogan army and Okeer was supposed to be supplying the troops. He is, but has his own agenda. Also because Jedore is a fuckwit the Krogan Okeer is making just ignore her and go after her other mercs. There is a lot of shooting. When we finally find Okeer it turns out he's trying to make a perfect Krogan soldier who can "ignore" the genophage. He thinks he's succeeded, but before we can haul him off planet Jedore flips out and tries to poison Okeer's tank-bred and the rest of us as well, so we shut her down with extreme prejudice. Okeer dies while we're dicking around with her so we don't get to recruit him, but we take along his prototype soldier in a can.