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Part 9: My favorite store on the Citadel

My favorite store on the Citadel

The Drink
A Million Dollars and a Naked Lady
1 oz of each: Bailey's, Buttershots, Kahlua, Creme de Cacao, raspberry liqueur
Half and half

In a shaker with ice combine ingredients. Shake, strain, and serve. Alt version: put the ingredients into a blender, swap out the half & half for ice cream, either chocolate or vanilla (I recommend Godiva's chocolate raspberry truffle) and a handful of ice cubes. Frappe that shit and enjoy your alcoholic milk shake.

Simple version: get an iced raspberry mocha latte from your favorite coffee shop and dump some vodka in that fucker

The Drinking Game
Drink every time we buy something. Unfortunately none of the vendors are selling new livers.

The Episode
We're just running around doing a bit of shopping and providing endorsements. Along the way we punch everyone's favorite reporter. The paragon choice is pretty good here, you dress her down for being a sensationalist asshole. But I promised people punching. Plus we've effectively gone rogue and don't need to worry about how it reflects on the Alliance. We also get reinstated as a Spectre which has no effect on the story whatsoever, but it lets us own that stupid fuck C-Sec guy a little bit harder. And we sell a Krogan a space goldfish. Honestly I think it's the better option, if you tell him the truth he spends the rest of the game depressed about how there are no fish.