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Part 10: Jailhouse Rock

Jailhouse Rock

Sour, bitter Jack
2 oz Jack Daniels
Sweet & Sour Mix

Add ingredients to a rocks glass with ice.

Simplified version: Dump whatever booze in some lemonade. Note to our UK friends: Lemonade in the US is not lemon/lime soda. It's lemon juice with sugar added (or more commonly, some goddamn powder).

The Drinking Game
Drink every time someone mentions Jack.

The Episode
We chat a bit with Kasumi, give Rupert his foodstuffs, then head off to a prison ship to recruit a convict named Jack. We don't know, well, jack about Jack. I'm not sure why Cerberus would think it a good idea to add a space-felon to the team. In a completely unforeseen twist the ships' warden, Kuril, decides to start shit. It also turns out Jack is a . And apparently has some history with Cerberus, too. Along the way we kill a bunch of dudes and are indirectly responsible for the deaths of thousands. Just a day's work.