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Part 14: Event Horizon

Event Horizon

The Drink
1 part rum
4 parts coconut milk
3 parts half & half

Combine ingredients in a blender with a generous amount of ice. Blend until smooth.

Simple version: Put rum in a fucking Slurpee

The Drinking Game
Drink your frozen drink every time we see a frozen colonist

The Episode
TIM wants to have a chat. Some colony called Horizon in the asshole of nowhere has gone silent. How he knows this is anyone's guess, but he says it means the Collectors are about to attack. Mordin hooks us up with a MacGuffin tech solution so we don't end up getting stuck in the worst game of statue tag ever. Colonists can't calibrate and neither can a former squadmate. Turns out the colonists are being abducted and also a giant cockroach is possessing the Collectors. Collectors are goddamn ugly and look like a combination of crabs and beef jerky. They also like making horrible chimeras out of former people, which we gleefully shoot. Along the way we pick up a new heavy weapon and berate a maintenance worker.

We manage to save half the colony and then Kaiden gets mad at us. Interestingly enough, if you saved Ash she refers to Shepard as a god. Kind of blasphemous coming from the religious lady. Then everyone fucks off to their respective corners.