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Part 15: Whine and cheese party

Whine and cheese party

The Drink
Just a glass of wine. Personally went with a nice Beaujolais Villages

The Drinking Game
Drink every time someone is whinging about something. You'll get drunker than you think!

The Episode
Post Horizon debriefing. We unlock 3 new people to recruit and the loyalty missions start rolling in. Kelly is kind enough to let you know who's ready to go. These are based on how long the person has been with you - people recruited later will unlock later. And we finally get to see what Hackett looks like. It's the same VA as ME1, Lance Henriksen. Bishop to Aliens fans. You'll have access to the Arrival DLC as soon as you complete Horizon. It's unusual in that Shepard goes it alone, you're not allowed to bring any party members with you. Considering it was the last piece of ME2 DLC they may have done it this way because it's possible you won't have any crewmembers left to tag along We're going to put it off until post game since it makes a bit more thematic sense that way anyway.

Miranda wants us to help with a family matter, which as was mentioned is a bit of a running theme with the squad loyalties. She has an identical twin who's not identical at all, goddamnit and needs to get her moved to a different location before her dad catches on. Her loyalty and two of our new squaddies are found on Illium, which is a new hub world. There's also someone rather important to us there that we'll be bumping into.

The lizard overwhelmingly got voted on so that's the next person we'll be picking up.