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Part 16: Everything old is new again

Everything old is new again

The Drink
New Old Fashioned
1 oz whiskey
1 part Coffee (cold)
Sugar to taste
2 parts Club soda

Mix all the ingredients except the soda in an old-fashioned glass (I used my grandmother's china teacup), then top up. If you're feeling fancy garnish with an orange slice and a maraschino cherry.

Simple version: whiskey and coffee

The drinking game
Drink whenever we run into someone we've met before.

Sorry about the delay, 2 passes on rendering at 9 hours per and shit was still fucked up (see if you can spot it but it wasn't enough for me to do it a 3rd time ).

We head to a new planet called Illium, which is an Asari-controlled world where pretty much everything is legal. This isn't as exciting as it sounds. However, it seems like everyone we didn't kill in the first game with the exception of Helena and Fist is here. Callbacks aplenty.

Conrad's thing is bugged, he acts the same whether you nicely talked him out of trying to be a Spectre or took our option due to an improperly flagged state. We also get to meet one of my favorite NPC's, a rather unusual Matriarch. Along the way we hack some shit for our girlfriend which for some stupid reason gets you Renegade points. Speaking of which, Liara done grew up while we were away, and also sort of got a sense of humor. Before Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC got released there were a lot of complaints about how she was more or less a piece of furniture here, rather understandably. Don't worry, LotSB fixes all that and then some.

Voting decided we'll see an old friend next, who do we want to tag along?