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Part 18: Migrant Fleet Enema

Migrant Fleet Enema

The Drink
Haestrom Sunrise
3 oz peach schnapps
Orange Juice

In a pint glass with ice, add schnapps & OJ. Throw on a splash of grenadine, don't stir.

The Drinking Game
Drink every time we see a Quarian either dead or being killed.

The Episode
We snag both Jody and Jack's loyalty missions. Thane has old timey consumption. Also we pop over to a fucked up sun in Geth territory and save Tali from being horribly murdered due to the Admiralty's incompetence recruit Tali.

This whole plotline was supposed to be the big kicker for the plot/ending of 3. The dark energy created by using mass effect fields is causing suns to go haywire, speeding up the heat death of the universe or some such shit. People ferreted this out and instead of sticking with it, in a fit of pique it got dropped in favor of lots of speculation. So in 2 they make a big deal about it, bring it up several times, and then when 3 rolls around it's never mentioned again.

Haestrom is bad for your shields, and any Quarian operation involving the Geth always turns into a bloodbath on the Quarian side so of course all but one of them (other than Tali) die. You'd think after 300 years they'd stop sticking their dicks in the hornets' nest, but nope. Kal'Reegar is a pretty cool dude though. And we show off the best goddamn weapon in the series, hands down. I once used it against the Oculus in the cargo hold for shits and giggles. Killed the Oculus all right, plus me and both my squadmates from the splash damage. A++, would launch again.

I'm going to recruit the last name on our dossier list then start working on loyalty missions/side content. Like ME1 I'm not bothering to show off 90% of the filler. I'll do LotSB before long, but I'm saving Arrival and probably Overlord until post-game, unless people really want to see the latter sooner.

e: fuck there's some audio desync in there, fixes itself later on. This goddamn thing