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Part 19: A great biotic wind

A great biotic wind

The Drink
2 oz vodka
1.5 oz blue curaco
Club soda
Half and half

Prior to mixing, chill the vodka in the freezer for 2 hours; refrigerate the club soda. In a pint glass mix the vodka and club soda. Put the curaco in a shot glass and drop it in. Top off with H&H. The ideal way to drink it is to use a straw - put it in the shot glass and pull the straw up through the layers when you drink for a nice flavor mixture.

Simple version: Uh, I guess put some vodka in blue koolaid.

The drinking game
Drink whenever someone says "justicar" or "code." Godspeed.

The Episode
We bop back to Illium and go looking for an Asari samurai/ronin. Everyone is freaking out because Justicars apparently kill even more people in everyday encounters than we do and since Illium is kind of rules-free there are lots of opportunities for shooting. Also someone murdered a bowling ball. We meet a cop who's too old for this shit in a bit of a dilemma and by recruiting Samara we can get her off the hook so she's willing to help out.

After a short fight we meet Samara who is dramatically trying to extract information from the mercs. The repeating problem of the oversexualized Asari crops up and this monastic warrior is basically a MILF who runs around in high heels showing more cleavage than you can shake a stick at. Bad presentation aside I like Samara's VA. If we can get the name of the ship her target left on then we can skip the unpleasantness of a reenactment of the police station scene in the first Terminator movie.

We kill all the mercs (except one), blow up a gunship, and set a stoned volus up for failure. However we get the info we need and Samara swears a glowy oath to follow us. If you go renegade in your playthrough she doesn't try to kill you but she sure doesn't like you by the end.

Now we've got all the dossiers taken care of we'll get one forced plot mission but otherwise it's all loyalties from here on out.