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Part 20: Work is the curse of the drinking class

Work is the curse of the drinking class

The Drink
Forvan's Favorite
1 oz vodka
1 oz rum
1 tsp blue curacao
3 oz sweet & sour mix
Club soda

Add vodka, rum, BC and S&S to a shaker, shake well to mix. Add to a collins or pint glass full of ice. Top up with club soda.

The Drinking Game
Just drink it at your own pace. I thought about making it whenever someone says "patriarch" but then it would be an IRL reenactment of drinking at Forvan's bar.

The Episode
Just chatting, picking up some more loyalty quests, and going to Omega where we get and complete sidequests. Patriarch is one of the few Krogan who rely on their brains as much as their muscle and his VA does a good job of selling "old tired guy sick of shit." We act as his bodyguards and score him some rep. Also we get free shit from Aria for ratting out the mercs who were plotting against her way back during Garrus's recruitment mission. This opens up a side planet where you go and kill a fuckload of YMIRs to get fabulous prizes. I'll show that one off because it takes about 30 seconds if you do it the unintended and hilarious way.

Aria doesn't reveal any useful personal details. I'm not sure if this was intended or they just ran out of time, but there's some speculation she's the Asari that Wrex tells you about in one of his stories. Mileena, iirc (too goddamn lazy to check a wiki and not masochistic enough to visit the Bioware forums), an Asari merc he has an epic showdown with on a space station. He ends up getting away just as the thing blows up and he's convinced she died but she sends him an email afterwards. Nothing earth-shaking but a nice callback if true.

Now that we've got all the squadmembers we're gonna get for awhile, what should we do? We've got loyalties aplenty and also all the DLC. Some of the loyalties can cause problems if P/R isn't high enough, so if one of those gets recommended I'll put it off until it won't fuck things up.