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Part 21: The family jewels are in Hock

The family jewels are in Hock

The Drink
South African Smoothie
2 oz rum
2 oz Bailey's
1 whole banana (sans peel you monsters)
1 scoop chocolate ice cream
Chocolate shavings

Add all ingredients except shavings to a blender. Blend until smooth and pour into a chilled glass. Add chocolate shavings. I just put a bar of dark chocolate (72% cacao) into the fridge for a bit and then used a microplane. You can add a couple of ice cubes if the consistency is too thick for your taste.

The Drinking Game
Just steal a sip here or there, preferably when no one is looking.

The Episode
We go take care of Kasumi's loyalty mission. Her old partner/lover Keiji discovered a dangerous secret and directly uploaded it to his brain. Then Hock killed him and ripped the implant out (which seems way too goddamn big to fit into anyone's head except maybe a Krogan) and has been trying to crack the encryption. We crash a low society party at his fancy house on Beckenstein dressed up in an idiotic outfit. Being a racist goddamn South African he doesn't let Kasumi in. This seems dumb to me, if he suspected who she was why not have her in front of you where you can keep an eye on her? We break into his vault through a convoluted series of bullshit quests which all told are less difficult than the stupid simon says puzzles in ME1.

Then we get the graybox contents, blow up a bunch of things/people and take out Hock himself. In our playthrough we let Kasumi keep the info, though plotwise it doesn't matter much. This gets referenced in 3 and has its own little side mission. You get to keep the stupid outfit so expect to see Shep dicking around on the Normandy in it.