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Part 24: Puberty Love

Puberty Love

The Drink
Vodka Krantt-Berry
1.5 oz vodka
Cranberry juice

Mix ingredients in a tall collins glass full of ice.

The Drinking Game
Drink whenever someone is headbutted or we talk about headbutting

The Episode
Welcome to Tuchanka, the happiest place on earth in the galaxy. We're looking for help with Grunt's problem. Which turns out to be puberty. And OMG IT'S WREX . If things didn't go your way in 1, then it's his brother Wreav. Who still doesn't give a shit and lets us do whatever. We blow up some monkeys, feed a fishdog, and get our on. Along the way we shoot stuff, my game fucks up, and we murder Shai Hulud. Now Grunt is loyal and he gets a new outfit, and presumably his quad dropped.