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Part 25: UHC Tuchanka style

UHC Tuchanka style

The Drink
The Ginophage
1.5 oz gin
1 oz lemon juice
1 tsp sugar
Club soda

In a shaker mix gin, juice and sugar. Shake until sugar completely dissolved. Add to collins glass full of ice and top off with club soda.

The Drinking Game
Drink whenever someone says genophage. Hopefully you have a secondary liver!

The Episode
First, a couple of things about this update: I'm sorry about the length of time in between episodes. I'm working a full time job, a part time job, and all of my weekends are full of RL shit. That should go away come November (at least the weekends thing) so I can get back on a more regular schedule. Secondly, I got a new wireless headset and thought I'd use that to record commentary with so I didn't have to hunch over my table. Well, turns out it sounds like I'm inside of a shipping container But I didn't want to put this off any more, so you get me sounding somewhat terrible. I'll go back to my old setup next time.

Wrex welcomes Grunt into Clan Urdnot and everyone talks about how badass we are. Then we take another truck and try to find Mordin's missing colleague from STG. There are lots of angry krogan running around, even more so than usual. They are trying to cure the genophage, rather understandably. And also we yell at Mordin a lot for what he did. Now while salarians aren't always known for their long-term planning he's probably right in this instance. He's also somewhat regretful about the whole thing but honestly believes it was the best thing for everyone, krogan included.

When we finally find Maelon, turns out he wasn't kidnapped at all, but feels way more guilty than Mordin did and tried to fix it, albeit in a very fucked up manner. You can let Mordin blow his head off and then get like 30 renegade points for it. We keep the data because it's a huge factor in 3 and also why wouldn't you because Wrex, you monster.

Next update will be Jason's loyalty.