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Part 26: Galaxy's greatest dad

Galaxy's greatest dad

The Drink
It's a glass of milk. No, that's it. About as exciting as Joey.

The Drinking Game
Whatever. It's not like you'll get drunk.

The Episode
We go look for Jimmy's dad. His ship crashed and then like 10 years later decided to call for help.

Now right off the bat things are pretty fucked up. You get pretty much all the exposition from crew logs. The actual captain died in the crash so Taylor Sr. got promoted to acting captain. They were lucky enough to land on a garden world but unlucky enough that the native plants make you go after a while. The officers decided to keep the ship's food and tell the crew to go fuck themselves, and then things just got worse.

This is a really dark mission, involving abuse of authority, rape, murder and a slew of other unpleasant shit. Except since it's Jason it's kind of blah - he never speaks about his dad until you get his loyalty mission so there isn't really much impact. And even then he's just "meh" about it. If he had talked up his father a lot like what a good guy he was and how hopeful he was to maybe see him again it could have been really emotional. As it is, he's so goddamn boring his own dad doesn't recognize him.

I usually let the crazy crew beat the shit out of him, but this time we'll send him to prison.

And now my month from hell is just about over so our updates should be more regular.