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Part 27: Niket in the bud

Niket in the bud

The Drink
1 oz rum
2 oz white wine
1/2 oz kirsch
Pineapple juice

Add liquors to a shaker and combine. Pour over ice and add juice.

The Drinking Game
Drink every time someone says "kidnapped" or "rescued." Considering this week's events you may also want to drink the bottle of rum, wine, and kirsch just on general principle.

The Episode
Opening music reflects what I'd like to do right now. We help Miranda with her sister problems which involves shooting people. The interrupt is a good one but it hilariously bugged out so Shep's invisible. Sometimes your squadmates' guns are invisible too so they're just making pew pew motions while people die. That salarian's face though And the "son of a bitch!" gets me every time.

Miranda gets sold out by her BFF and we meet possibly the snarkiest Asari ever. I brought Jack because she's the only person that has dialogue there, and it's funny. We interrupt Miranda and BFF gets gacked anyway so we kill everybody and then it's a happy ending. It's a pretty decent mission, humanizing a character who would be kind of unbearable otherwise. Unlike Jimmy Miranda is really useful if you aren't playing as a biotic and her bonus power is good as well. Her loyalty outfit is still stupid, but at least it doesn't look like someone murdered a soccer ball.

Off camera Thane's loyalty triggered so we have (almost) everyone's now and I think our P/R score is high enough to tackle whatever, so what do we want to do next?