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Part 28: Make Zakera Ward Great Again

Make Zakera Ward Great Again

The Drink
2 oz vodka
1 oz St Germain
Pomegranate juice

Pour liquors over ice, top up with juice. Stir and serve.

The Drinking Game
Drink whenever Thane has a flashback

The Episode
Thane's loyalty mission. In a twist this time the daddy issue goes looking to solve itself. Thane's son found out he murders people for a living and for some reason decides this is a trade he should take up so he signs on to shoot a racist turian politician in the face. Thane finds a kid who used to spy for him is the one who got Kolyat the job so we make him shit his pants and tell us who set the thing up - a local gangster who pays off Bailey, but Bailey helps us out anyway.

Kelham is voiced by Keith Szarabajka who is a most prolific VA in vidyagames. Fun Fact: He's also the voice of Harbinger! He's been in a ton of shit, but for some reason I always remember him as a basically uncredited VA in Saints Row 2 yelling "You're a cancer on America's roads!" every time I drove on the sidewalk which was a lot. If you have a high enough renegade score you can basically threaten to shoot him and skip the beating (though I think beating on him is more fun) and if you take the nice route he dodges us long enough for his lawyer to barge in where you can also pass a renegade check to do the Spectre thing at which point the lawyer goes "lol dude you're fucked I'm outta here."

We then have to do one of the dumber gimmicks in the game, which is stand on the catwalk staring down at Talid while Thane pesters us for updates. I don't know why he can't figure this out for himself when he says he has the target in sight, or why he's not the one on the fucking catwalk because he's the goddamn assassin with the sniper rifle and high ground would be the better position. I've failed this mission more than once because the stupid targeting reticle wouldn't show up and I couldn't update in time. Then there's a pseudo-showdown and things get somewhat better. Hilariously you can shoot Talid yourself if you don't take the paragon interrupt and then tell Kolyat he's a shitty assassin.

We're about halfway done with our loyalty missions. We can keep doing these or dive into some of the DLC.